Tuesday May 28th 2013 28/05/2013


Finally made it to Romania!!!

I slept late this morning recovering from travelling and also probably exhaustion following the stress of the last week. I am staying with Ken and Florence of Vineyard. Wonderful to see them again and they gave me a great welcome in spite of how late it was when I arrived last night.

Of course I am disappointed that Jennifer and Janet have decided not to come to Romania after all. And I know that the various trusts Mustard Seed Jersey works with here in Romania are also disappointed they have not come.

News is that the Romanian haulier has collected the trailer for near Metz. As it is one driver alone of he complies with the restrictions on his driving hours he should arrive in Romania on Wednesday. So we have arranged for the unloading to be on Thursday early afternoon. (Both the Jersey drivers are safe back in Jersey and we thank God there was no more serious injury).

This morning I went out with Norman to visit some of the housebound from the Vineyard Project Simon programme. This programme gives food parcels to the elderly in need in this area of Cihei and Nufarul. They had already received their food parcels so these visits were aimed to bring comfort to the lonely who cannot get out. We were welcomed into each apartment. In each home before leaving we prayed which was obviously much appreciated. I felt it was such a privilege to go to each home like that.

The first man we visited has badly ulcerated legs - I had never seen such bad ulcers affecting both swollen legs from knee downwards, some areas were damp and oozing and both legs were discoloured. He struggles financially and has to pay to medical treatment in the hospital so he explained he felt he would stay home instead of go to the hospital.

Norman explained that many pensioners will spend a lot of their pension on medical care, but if they fall behind with their utilities bill the services are simply cut off and if they fall behind with their rent they are evicted and put on the street.

Walking away from the apartment blocks, I thought how fortunate we are to have such a good health service in Jersey.


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