Wednesday December 10th


It has been a quite hilarious day but a lot has been accomplished. It began with breakfast, followed by going to Cefa hostel where the trailer was parked up ready for unloading – because of all the aid we could not all fit in the minibus without a struggle so Mary, Hilary and Sonia decided to walk and decided my estimated 10-20 minute walk was more like 30 minutes – but a lovely walk none the less on a bright frosty morning. (They did refuse the offer to come back and fetch them).

The unloading was done quickly with Dan and another man transporting heavy boxes in wheelbarrows, and the other receiving trusts arranging for the boxes to be piled up in various areas for collection. (It was good to see everyone again). It was complete in under 3 hours – so very very much quicker than it took to load.

Sadly a box containing TCP had got broken and as well as being very wet and dripping – also wetting boxes nearby (it must have been several large broken bottles from the amount of mess!!) it really smelt of the stuff! One of the Romanians was quite worried as to what it was when he got it over his hands, but we could reassure him of course.

Immediately the unloading was complete the first Christmas shoebox distribution took place at Ateas Kindergarten – right on the Hungarian border – a tiny little school, then back to Cefa to distribute in the school. While this was happening a couple of us had a business meeting with Nicu from P2P to discuss the future. As Nicu is off to various places with various sponsors it had to be today. A very satisfactory meeting. This meeting took place over lunch.

By the time we got back the others had had their lunch and gone off to Oradea to visit the apartment for sponsored young women (ex  State orphanage).

The rest of us drank tea and talked to Rody Stroie in the hostel as she prepared the evening meal. WE also went to see the home for pensioners which is half built. We are thrilled – it is so very much better than new had dared imagine – it should be done by Easter and ready to take in the first pensioners – very exciting and encouraging. The electrics are done mainly downstairs and now they start the plumbing or “plumbering” as they call it.

WE had a meal altogether and then crammed into the minibus to get back to the hotel – although we had emptied out all the shoeboxes we brought over in it from Jersey it was filled up with stuff for the visit and distribution tomorrow with FI so even fuller than when we started!

It is the last night Ian and Chris are with us – it will be a much quieter group once they are gone I think. They leave tomorrow morning to be back in St Malo for Saturday lunchtime for Bertha the lorry to go on the cargo boat.



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