Saturday December 13th

         It has been another good day, though possibly rather a bitty day. We began with going to Geo's to go with him to see the new house he and the family are building. That was very very impressive. But first of all we had to drink a cup of tea and have some cake and homemade croissant pizza.

         Then we met up with the girls – known to us as “Nicu's Girls” (in that it was Nicu and Miheala Gal who rescued them from sleeping under bridges or the streets after they came out of the state orphanage). We went to their apartment after meeting Maria at the supermarket. We gave them their shoeboxes and had a lovely time there chatting – they kindly gave us tea and jam sandwiches. They sang for us (lovely spontaneous harmonies)and Mia who is learning the violin played for us. We were quite shocked to realise how very very little they earn – most of them work at the hospital  paid to play with and care for the sick children. Their salaries are funded by various charities but they earn under £100 per month. The rent on the apartment the six of them share is 200€ a month, so without the ongoing help from P2P there is no way they could afford that apartment, which consists of 3 bedrooms, one bathroom and one small kitchen area.

         Finally we went to see Kathy Langston and her new apartment which is right in the centre of town, this she explained is paid for by one of her sponsors. We spent time with her foster daughters, Codi and Andrea – soon to be her adoptive daughters God willing. They have grown and matured so much. We went out for a meal and it was encouraging to hear Kathy talk of some of the encouragements she has had recently with various of the people who she assists. But it shocked me to learn that one young nurse recently qualified through Kathy's financial support is unable to get a job nursing without paying a substantial bribe to the hospital.



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