Wednesday December 17th


Our last day and it ended with a wonderful distribution of Christmas shoeboxes at the village school of Tasad, which is the village Rody Stroie grew up in, in lovely countryside off the Deva road. One teacher there was very vivacious and friendly and spoke very good English. We saw yet another nativity play which was really quite good from what we understood of it. The shoebox distribution took place in the playground (still this wonderful mild weather continues) before the children went home at the end of the school day which runs from 8 till 1.

We had a wonderful lunch at the school, then back to Oradea where we said goodbye to Hilary, Mary, Barry, Sonia who fly back tomorrow. Their check in time is just after 9.00 am while the drive from the Cefa hotel to the airport is just about 5 hours.

I spent the afternoon working with Alex on reports we got 2/3 achieved in under one and a half hours so we can complete inside an hour tomorrow morning before we leave for the border.



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