April 2015: From Ken and Florence of Fundatia Crestina Vineyard:
We are busy sorting through all the wonderful things you sent to us and we thank you and the team very much for their faithfulness and thoughtfulness in packaging for us.


May 2015: We have had this report from EL SADIA:

We thank you very much for the clothes you have sent to us. The young people found some good things. One of the young men even found a pair of new nice sport shoes. He was so very happy!!!

Best regards to all of you and to the donators


May 2015  - from Kathy Langston:

Everyone so appreciates the washing powder, thank you so much! The women who work in the houses for abandoned handicapped children are using it only for the clothes the children wear to school, so the children can look nicer. 

Yesterday in one of the houses, they washed the drapes and duvet covers with it so the house can look nicer, and they are so happy. The women notice a huge difference between this washing powder and what's available here.

You know that unfortunately we can't take pictures of the children in the houses.

But please pass on thanks about the colostomy bags that were sent over. Estera took them to the hospital but was told they couldn't be used as they were a different type, and people get them free from the state. So she took them to an old folks facility where they were very appreciated because there were people there that needed them, and not being insured by the state. So they were very appreciated. You know the situation of old people over here.

Thank you very, very much again. I hope you are all well.

Take good care and God bless you, love Kathy





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