April 2010


From Cristina from FI (Fundatia Increderea), Oradea, Romania:


Dear Rose and Phil and all Mustard Seed Jersey supporters,


Since the Mustard Seed Jersey aid lorry in March we were very busy because we had a wonderful action for all pensioners from Oradea. We helped through our program hundreds of poor pensioners.

††††††††† We distributed clothes, washing powder, glasses, households, blankets, pillows, duvets, shoes, shampoo etc. for poor pensioner from Oradea. We announced the plan in the local paper and radio so the pensioners could hear this information and they came to our foundation with their pension coupon, like proof. This action was only for the poorest pensioners, and because of that we needed their pension coupon to see their real income.

††††††††† We appeared also at TV and in different local newspaper and Mustard Seed Jersey is very appreciated now from many people for what you are doing! We kept a copy with newspaper for you.

††††††††† In this action teenagers helped us a lot, because we made this action in that week in which students had holiday. They were such a good volunteers! As a result of this action 500 pensioners received different things from Jersey in order of their needs. There was a hard action but it brings us such a big joy in our hearts when we saw that pensioners cried from joy for what they had received. They didnít believe that they are receiving all things for free.

††††††††† Iíll attach you some picture with this action.

Have a bless day and God be close to you,







Pensioners receiving washing powder



















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