Mustard Seed Jersey Prayer Update February 2019

Wednesday February 13th 2019

GIVE THANKS FOR ANSWERED PRAYER  For me personally the December trip was special in that I saw an amazing answer to prayer. Over the years we have come across a number of Christian Romanian women who had problems having children and I have asked for your prayers for 3 social workers (last time was February 2016).  And all but one of those young women have now had children. In December 2018 the final one (who has had countless miscarriages and been told she could never carry a child full term) was radiant with an adopted child and was also heavily pregnant. Please be encouraged to pray and to know that though our timing is often different from God’s, He does answer our prayers.  

I asked the Romanians if they had any prayer needs and have had these requests from AVS:  and this is what Nelu identified as areas where he would value your prayers:

·        Good health for himself, his wife Cristina who works with him in AVS and also his children Dalia and Lisa

·        WISDOM to know the best way to minister

·        Thanksgiving for how the Lord prompts people to give to help the poorest of the poor at the right time, often when things seem desperate.

·        Thanksgiving to God for the strength,  energy  and enthusiasm they have, asking that it will continue.


In JERSEY we have now started palletising for our next aid trip consignment. Please remember to uphold Brexit and those implications in your prayers, as we and the Romanian social workers genuinely do not know how it will affect our sending of humanitarian aid to Romania.

As this time we are fully palletising the load, we ask for your prayers for the logistics.


Please pray for the Mustard Seed Jersey Trustees: Bill, Helen and Rose (me). Pray for our families and that God will supply all the needs we have and equip us for our role in Mustard Seed Jersey’s ongoing work. We do ask that you continue to bless us with your prayers


In His service



·                  While she was in Romania in December one of the team created this short video record. If you want to watch it please follow this link

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