Mustard Seed Jersey Prayer Update February 2023

There are many encouragements in the Bible to cause us to pray, and yet so often when problems arise it is not our automatic response to “take it to the Lord in prayer” as the well known hymn “What a friend we have in Jesus” tells us to do.

Our Christmas aid consignment containing the Christmas shoeboxes arrived safely in Romania in December with the Romanians taking approx 1500 either over the border into Ukraine or donated to Ukrainian refugees in the country. (If you have not seen the newsletter with photos of the distribution please either ask me to email you one or check it out on the website as I believe it is worth reading).

However what is not general known is that the paperwork requirements for that December aid consignment changed dramatically from what had been perfectly acceptable for the autumn consignment sent in late October arriving in Romania in early November. If the paperwork requirements are not met correctly then the goods will not be permitted to enter into the country. Because the Christmas consignment was Christmas shoeboxes we were able to send them and provide acceptable paperwork. But we are battling to understand the implications of the new requirements for textiles which of course includes clothing and bedding. We are blessed in that we have a number of people working to help us come to grips with this. If this cannot be resolved we will not be able to send any further clothing and bedding to Romania. An alternative would be to send direct to Ukraine where there is certainly huge need but we would face a HUGE and undoubtedly very costly challenge to find transport. We are fortunate in that the Ukrainian trust we could donate to is close to the Romanian border.

So please pray for favour and clarity and wisdom. Please pray God’s blessing on the various people who are trying to help us resolve exactly what the Romanian requirements would be and how / if we can meet them.

Please uphold ALEX in your prayers as he works with Ukrainian refugees in the Mustard Seed Romanian property Casa Rabi and he tries to resolve the impasse regarding our sending aid to Romania from the Romanian end.

Also uphold NELU in your prayers as he continues his work through the AVS trust among the poorest of Romanians and also over the border into Ukraine – please pray God provides the needed financial provision for him and his family.

Pray for SORIN a pastor in Ukraine near the Romanian border as he works with many displaced Ukrainians. He is a good friend of Alex’s and it was Alex who introduced us to him.

Pray for GABI and ION in Ukraine near the Romanian border (further west than where Sorin is based) as they work with many displaced people. They are good friends of Nelu’s and it is through Nelu’s request Mustard Seed Jersey has been helping them.

One verse of the hymn What a friend we have in Jesus says:

O what peace we often forfeit

O what needless pain we bear

All because we do not carry

Everything to God in prayer

Please bless us and our work in Jersey, Romania and Ukraine with your prayers




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