Just this morning, I felt a sense of unease and urgency about our plans to send money to ADPB (residential home for dementia sufferers in a village in Bihor Romania). We were waiting for more funds to arrive so had planned to send the money for firewood next week, but I felt a sense of urgency that would not shift. So I made a quick call to Romania and so discovered the money was urgently needed NOW, as they were in real danger of running out of firewood. After another quick phone call with one of the Mustard Seed Jersey trustees the money was immediately sent to Romania.

THANKS BE TO GOD for that prompting this morning and for how it was possible for us to respond and help immediately like that. 



I have listened and watched the news on Romanian anti-corruption protests these last few days with concern. I asked our Christian social workers for their input and prayer pointers – in fairness this was before the announced turn about by the government, but I see the protestors continue to protest as sadly they do not trust their government.

The social workers said:

Ø  Please pray God will work and drive out of all the corrupt government officals.

Ø Pray for Romania because is a huge fight but most affected are the poor people that are struggling to survive.

Ø Pray for Romania for stability because we don`t want conflicts between people, we don`t want civil war.

Ø Pray for people in real poverty because they don`t have enough money to buy bread and woods (it is not good to see poor people going in parks to find some little woods to have a little fire for the night, or going  to a factory near our office taking discarded clothes & materials to have fire for the night. The price of wood exploded this year because it is a hard winter.

Ø Pray Romanian people seek God more - that is our only solution.



·        Pray God will supply the needs of ADPB and bless their residents

·        Vineyard ask for prayer for wisdom in all decision making and that the people attending the church will grow spiritually and increase in numbers.

·        Nelu at AVS asks for our prayers that the Changed Lives project will soon be completed and for good health for his own young family.


Please continue in your prayers for the Romania and the most vulnerable in that country.

“The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and wonderful results” James reminds us of how effective Elijah’s prayers were in James 5 : 16-18


Yours in Christ

Rose Helie


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