Looking back over 2007

The year started with a welcome increase in the number of sponsors for pensioners (thanks to the interest of the media and response of the public) and so the number increased of needy pensioners sponsored through Mustard Seed’s Adopt-A- Granny scheme.

This trend has continued and at the end of December 2007 there are

approaching 80 needy Romanian pensioners receiving help each

month – some are sponsored for the winter months only, when with the

cold weather their need is greatest.




While away in December Rose Helie met several old age pensioners who literally needed the help from Jersey to survive. “One woman had no firewood left and as temperatures plummeted she faced freezing to death. Another would literally have starved to death as she had no money and no food left till she could collect her meagre pension in 8 days time – Jersey money to buy wood and our food parcel was desperately important”.


It was in May during the visit of Alex Stroie from Mustard Seed Romania that the decision was finally made to launch an appeal to raise funds to build a home for pensioners in Cefa, Romania. With monies raised and pledged, a further £11,000 needs to be raised by Mustard Seed Jersey before June 2008. The plan is to lay foundations in the spring and build in June, using a Romanian builder. In August or September there will be the opportunity for volunteers to go over to “finish off” the house to get it ready to open before winter.












In the photo 3 of the girls in the Mustard Seed sheltered apartment open their Christmas shoeboxes.


In the last 12 months, three of the young people in the sheltered accommodation have saved enough money from their rather meagre salaries to be able to buy small areas of land as building plots in the village of Cefa and ultimately to build their own simple little homes. Early in 2008 we hope the paperwork will be completed. Because of their background they are being offered special rates to purchase the social project land. 

For young people brought up in state orphanages and in some

cases living on the streets before moving into the Mustard Seed Romania

girls’ apartment or boys’ hostel, to have the possibility of owning their own home is incredible! And for us an amazing encouragement, way beyond our wildest expectations!












Aid has continued to be sent out to Romania. An aid lorry was planned to Ukraine in the summer, but the Ukrainian charity were unable to receive it so it was diverted to Romania, where it has been well used. In 2007 an estimated 45 tonnes of aid from Jersey went to Romania.          


Speaking in December, Kathy Langston (who distributes aid from Jersey) reported:      

“One pensioner wept with joy on receiving the things from you, she’s never had such good things in all her life. …. They are all so very happy and thankful for what you sent.”


We in Mustard Seed thank all our supporters for making this possible  -   YOUR HELP MAKES A DIFFERENCE


For more facts and information about the Christmas Shoebox appeal 2007 see Christmas Shoeboxes


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