Give thanks for a successful aid trip, when Christmas shoeboxes, food parcels, bread, blankets, etc were given to those in need. Various problems we faced with logistics were all resolved.

As always we saw some moving (real tear-jerker) gratitude from recipients, especially the elderly. It is a huge privilege to give out the goods.

The team of students from Beaulieu Convent School were a real blessing to those they met. Inevitably they saw things that challenged them, so please continue to pray for the 12 students and 4 staff members.



BREAD: In the previous prayer update I mentioned that there was less money for bread distribution, since then more money has been received and we have been able to increase the distributions to twice a week for the rest of January. Pray funds will enable us to continue twice weekly distributions up to the end of the winter

ALEX from MSR is very thankful that his foot is healing gradually and he is now able to drive short distances again. Continue to pray that healing for Alex continues in the area where the skin graft is.

BUILDING PROJECT: we have just been able to send over the money needed to purchase doors and windows. [Once these are fitted, the building will be registered so the other residents (in trailers or porter cabins) on the site can use the address to claim their full entitlement to pensions]. Continue to pray for Nelu that God gives him the wisdom he needs to find the best value materials and to engage reliable craftsmen.



KATHY LANGSTON: please uphold Kathy and her two adopted daughters Codi & Andreea in your prayers. Each weekend they open their home to up to 7 orphan children living in a state orphanage in the city.

Pray for healing for Nelu essential medication he needed last year has recently resulted in his suffering from diabetes.

IN JERSEY: pray for us for wisdom in planning ahead for our next aid consignment in the late spring/early summer & other decisions.


Please continue to bless us with your prayers PRAYER CHANGES THINGS


Yours in Christ

Rose Helie


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