Mustard Seed Jersey prayer update January 2021

Dear praying friends

I was really quite amazed when I checked and saw that I did not send out a prayer update in October as I had intended and really thought I had!

In spite of many difficulties with the Covid crisis and those implications our Christmas shoebox appeal went ahead as planned. Although no one from Jersey was involved in the actual distribution in Romania we had some excellent reporting back from all the trusts to received either shoe boxes or money for food parcels, bread, winter fuel etc from us.


In Romania we now work with five different trusts:

Mustard Seed Romania headed up by Alex. In the autumn Alex’s whole family were affected by Covid 19 and his father died. Alex spoke of his father now “breathing the fresh air of heaven” and to me that really puts death into perspective for believing Christians. We give thanks for the life and faith of Alex’s father and for the lives of countless other men and women of God who have died in the last year We continue to pray for Alex and wife Rody and the family that they will have Gods wisdom in all they do.

A V S headed up by Nelu and Cristina. We begin with thanks: Nelu And Cristina’s third daughter Anna was born on January 13th. We pray for their family. We remember Nelu and Cristina’s work among the poorest and most vulnerable and ask that God will provide further people with compassion and commitment to share that responsibility. We pray God will make them skilful communicators as they seek to educate against alcohol and substance abuse in their work with FI.

Vineyard - we pray for Vasile and Florina as they lead this church based work which was originally started by Ken and Florence. We pray especially for the Christian kindergarten and their Project Simon program which offers food parcels to several hundred needy pensioners in the area

Agape / Romanian Orphan MInistries - we pray for Corey and Diana, also Geta in all their work with young people who have passed through the state orphanage system. We pray for the young people that they may reach their full potential.

ADPB - we pray for their work assisting the elderly and vulnerable in the residential home they run.


A medical prayer request

Ema is one of the recipients who has benefited from money from our Medical Fund both last year and again this year. We give thanks for the progress that has been made in her fight against cancer and pray God’s blessing and divine healing on Ema as she undergoes major surgery on February 9


A Jersey prayer request

After several years of speculating about exactly what the implications of Brexit will be for our sending of humanitarian aid to Romania we will finally discover the reality when we send our first aid consignment of 2021, most likely date for that is April. We really would value your prayers for wisdom and that all will go as smoothly and as inexpensively as possible.


Please continue to bless us with your prayers.



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