Letter of Thanks sent to Jersey Evening Post February 2012

From Mustard Seed Jersey Co Ordinator


On behalf of Mustard Seed Jersey and the Romanian charity Fundatia Increderea may I thank those people who responded so compassionately and spontaneously when they heard through the media that temperatures had dropped so low in parts of Europe, including Romania. In particular my thanks goes to staff, students and parents at Beaulieu Convent School, motivated I believe by the feedback from the team who went to Romania in December.


As a result I am thrilled to be able to say that we have just sent across money to purchase fuel for heating for the eight families who had no heating and who are on our Bread distribution programme. This will make a HUGE difference to those families as at the time of writing temperatures are as low as minus 15 in Oradea.


I am also delighted that we were able to send across funds to provide some hot drinks and food for the homeless who we had met sheltering near the city’s central heating pipes.


My thanks also everyone who gave so generously at our aid collection and small table top sale last month at Holme Grown Farm Shop carpark. Our thanks go also to Stan Payn and everyone at Holme Grown for their welcome and interest.


We continue to hold those fighting to survive in this cold weather in Romania in our prayers and again thank the wonderfully compassionate Jersey public for their help and support.



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