Looking Back at Mustard Seed’s achievements up to autumn 2008

Normally in the autumn we present a brief summary of what Mustard Seed has achieved in the year. But as  2008 IS OUR TENTH ANNIVERSARY YEAR  we offer a brief over-view of the last 10 years.

            Although it was in the spring that Mustard Seed Jersey was formally set up as a Simple Charitable Trust in Jersey, it was not till later in the year that Mustard Seed Jersey’s first aid transport was sent.

            In the first few years, material aid was sent to Bosnia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Albania and Romania, while funding was also sent to aid Kosovan refugees in Macedonia.

Within a couple of years, as progress was made, the need in some war-torn countries lessened and sadly in 2 of those original 5 countries lack of satisfactory accountability from the trusts we were working with made us decide it would be unwise even irresponsible to continue to send aid and funding there.

We began to focus more on Romania building up a good network of small trusts to assist, all based in western Romania. Acting on the recommendations of some of the Romanian social workers we also began sending occasional lorries of aid to Moldova and Ukraine.


What have we achieved?


Over 40,000 Christmas shoeboxes to brighten Christmas for needy children in Eastern Europe.

More than 60 aid trips

Approaching 670,000 tonnes of humanitarian aid transported overseas.

Education: We have funded a number of education programmes – currently we run a kindergarten, 2 homework clubs, etc.

Young People: we have funded 3 rented apartments for vulnerable young women brought up in state orphanages.

We built a hostel for homeless young men brought up in state orphanages

Elderly: the very successful Adopt-A-Granny sponsorship programme has helped a number of needy pensioners. 

Medical: since 2004 we have funded a doctor or nurse to run medical and contraceptive programmes in Romania villages among the poorest of the poor.

Food and clothing distribution: this has continued for over 10 years.

Daughter Charity set up: Working with Alex Stroie we set up our own charitable trust in Romania – called Mustard Seed Romania. Now the bulk of the work we do in the country is in the name of Mustard Seed Romania.

In just 14 months we raised the funds & during autumn 2008 we should build our own Mustard Seed Romania home for needy pensioners in the village of Cefa.


We want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all who have helped and assisted in any way. We do believe all this has been made possible because of the prayers of the many supporters have prayed for us and those we assist in Eastern Europe.



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