CHRISTMAS  AID TRIP – our aid trailer leaves  Jersey on Saturday November 29th, carrying Christmas shoeboxes as well as blankets and clothing.  Drivers BOB & NEIL leave on Sunday evening Nov 30th. We expect them to arrive in Romania on Wednesday 3rd December.

I (ROSE) leave on Monday December 1st  accompanied by 3 shoebox supporters CAROL, LYNSEY and VANESSA, who are due to be in Romania for a week.

The party from BEAULIEU CONVENT SCHOOL are due in Romania on Tuesday 9th, leaving again on Sat 13th. This is a party of 11 students (sorry do not know all the names!) the staff are SHARON & SHEILA.

Please remember all those in your prayers, for safety travelling and that the time in Romania while challenging will be a positive experience in all their life’s journeys.


LAST TIME we asked for your prayers for different arrangements for taking aid to Romania and we are thankful that it worked well (after a few problems!) and expect to use a haulier again in 2015.


LAST TIME we asked for your prayers for a number of friends going through tough times.

Since the last update:

«  FLORI in Romania has died – we give thanks for her life and strong faith in Christ.

«  KEN in Romania continues to  recover well – please continue to pray for him. Pray for Florence.

«  Liz’s husband has died in Jersey – please uphold her in your prayers.

«  Give thanks for healing that has been received.


We ask for your prayers for the CHRISTMAS SHOEBOX DISTRIBUTION that all the boxes will bring joy and real help to the recipients, whether young or old.

Pray for wisdom for ALEX to know which requests for shoeboxes to accept and which to refuse.

Pray too for SAFETY for all groups travelling to distribute shoeboxes as the weather may prove icy, etc.


We ask for your prayers for AGAPE – this charity works with young people who have come through the state orphanages and offers them a loving education programme. For many of the young people (I believe) their biggest need is to know they are loved and to realise they are a valuable person.


We ask for your prayers for KATHY LANGSTON and her outreaches to help needy vulnerable children, especially handicapped children and young adults living in state run family style homes. Pray for Kathy’s health and that God will give her the energy and wisdom she needs.


We ask for your prayers for ADELA, who was Flori’s best friend, as she grieves the loss of her friend .


We ask for your prayers for our Mustard Seed KINDERGARTEN in Cefa, for MARIANA the teacher and the assistant. The kindergarten is specifically for the gypsy children and offers them a good start and introduction to the school system.


We have been given some valuable MEDICAL EQUIPMENT – please pray we will be guided as to the best way to achieve getting this equipment to the best destination where it will be well used.


On a personal note, I would ask for your prayers for WISDOM especially while in Romania to know how best to use our limited resources in the face of great need and for the ENERGY I will need to see the needs and make decisions ...........................


Please continue to bless us with your prayers, remembering that PRAYER CHANGES THINGS

In His service




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