NEXT AID TRIP – next weekend (October 11th) we plan to ship the aid to St Malo where it will be transferred and taken by a Romanian haulier to Romania. Please remember this in prayer as it is the first time we have sent aid in this way, and there is a need for different type documentation.


HEALING AND SUPPORT – There are a number of our volunteers in Jersey and also our friends in Romania who are going through tough times and need God’s healing touch – please remember them in prayer: Flori, Ken, Liz, Bernie, Phil, Marta, and others. We do give thanks to God for the answers to prayer we have seen and ask God to continue His healing work.

Flori (from Romania who may be known to a number of you) has been in hospital for several weeks with complications regarding her kidney dialysis.  Please pray for her.

Ken (also in Romania from Vineyard) has had a minor stroke but is making a wonderful recovery. Give thanks and pray for his full healing.




Following KEN’s stroke, please give thanks to God for how well Ken is healing.

Pray for FLORENCE and also for the other pastors VASILE and FLORINA.

Pray for their outreach to approx 400 needy pensioners for whom they supply food parcels according to the funding they receive.

Pray for the Christian kindergarten they run.



Pray for those in need - the impoverished pensioners (elderly and medical pensioners) who will struggle financially as they need fuel for heating, or to pay for their heating if in an apartment (sometimes they will choose to disconnect the heating as they cannot afford it, but temperatures can drop to minus 10). We pray for pensioners associated with FI, MSR and Vineyard – to be on those assistance programmes means the pensioner is poor.


Mustard Seed Romania MSR – Please pray for stability in the staffing at Casa Mabel – there has been a comparatively high turn over of staff since the home opened, usually excellent reasons (like maternity leave) but for the residents it can be somewhat disruptive. Pray for wisdom for Alex and Rody in appointment of staff.



Please pray that all the arrangements for the Christmas shoebox appeal go smoothly, and pray for any speaking opportunities in either schools or churches or groups that either I (Rose) or other volunteers have at this time.

And pray for the smooth running of sending aid by a haulier from St Malo.


Please continue to bless us with your prayers, remembering that PRAYER CHANGES THINGS

In His service



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