LORRY  - For months now I have been asking for your prayers for us to find a suitable new lorry for local collections and transporting packed goods to our trailer for loading. We could find nothing in Jersey. In the last month, my cousin (based in UK) offered his help and has located and on our behalf purchased a vehicle that sounds excellent. It should be arriving in Jersey within the next week or two. I believe that Peter and Phil have really blessed us with their help - please pray God’s blessing on them and on their families and businesses.


NEXT AID TRIP – We plan to use a Romanian haulier to take the relief aid from St Malo to Romania later this month / early in October, but we are struggling with the customs paperwork requirements. Thank God for David and Michel in France and the work they are doing to attempt to sort this out, but please remember this in prayer, as a number of issues are not yet resolved. (Following on from the accident involving our volunteer driver in May 2013, it has become increasingly difficult to obtain insurance and so we are using this method for the autumn trip).


HEALING AND SUPPORT – There are a number of our volunteers who are going through tough times – please remember them in prayer: Liz, Bernie, Phil, Marta and others.



Please remember the Stroie family (heading up Mustard Seed Romania) in your prayers. Alex and Rody Stroie’s older daughter Rebekah (14 or 15) has had the opportunity to spend a year in USA. Alex and Rody travel over there for a 11 day vacation in the middle of September, during which Alex will include some speaking engagements for Mustard Seed Romania among the supporters based in USA. Alex and Rody have a son Abiel and younger daughter Raisa. Please remember the whole family in your prayers.

There are various churches in USA that support Alex’s work, many of whom we have met over the years and been encouraged to see their faithful commitment to help. We give thanks for the families and churches of Steve and of Tom (who focus on building projects), and of another church that helps by sending a medical team. Pray that they will all be blessed, encouraged and guided as to the best way ahead.

While Alex is away, Sergio and wife Violeta Ioana will be running Mustard Seed Romania.



            Romanian schools re-open on September 15th. Please remember the education projects with which Mustard Seed Jersey is involved: Homework Clubs in Cefa (MSR) and Oradea (FI); education sponsorship for needy young people in Oradea (FI) and Pagaia (MSR); kindergartens in Cefa (MSR) and Oradea (Vineyard). As some of the children and young people receive little/no help and encouragement from their families, please pray the teachers will truly inspire them and that the young people will make the best possible use of the opportunities offered to them. 



            For several years we have provided various resources to assist Simona a government social worker assisting the repatriated victims. At her request we are no longer liaising directly with her but she has asked that we continue to assist the victims via an NGO (non government organisation). We pray that as this is worked out the victims will not suffer unnecessarily.  Please continue to pray for Simona in her front line role among the victims.



            As we see from the news there are many needs and problems in Ukraine. Please remember this country in your prayers and pray the unrest and violence there will not affect their neighbour Romania.


Please continue to bless us with your prayers, remembering that PRAYER CHANGES THINGS

In His service



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