GIVE THANKS for safe travel and successful trips:

For our volunteer drivers MICHEL & YVES taking 12 tonnes of aid to our normal area of giving in the west of Romania. (Since his return we have heard Michel has had the joy of the safe arrival of a new baby grand-daughter).

For the safe arrival of medical equipment with NICU & CORNELIUS to the south of Romania.


We give thanks that the aid we sent was welcomed and appreciated. 

One of the receiving trusts wrote: We are busy sorting through all the wonderful things you sent to us .....”

Another trust wrote: We thank you very much for the clothes you have sent to us. We have found some good things. One of the young men even found a pair of new nice sport shoes. He was so very happy!!!”

Another wrote about washing powder received: “Everyone so appreciates the washing powder, thank you so much! They notice a huge difference between this washing powder and what's available here.”



«  Pray for Mustard Seed’s KINDERGARTEN children and families, also staff.

«  Pray for Mustard Seed’s homework club and for IOANA the teacher.

«  Vineyard have asked for prayer for a FAMILY in their kindergarten: the father died unexpectedly within the last few days.

«  Pray also for KEN HOLMES who is in much pain waiting for surgery for a new knee. Please pray for clear guidance for Florence and him as to the way ahead regarding the surgery.

«  Pray for FI’s HOMEWORK CLUB that there will be funding to continue it.

«  Continue to pray for safe delivery of CRISTINA’s baby.

«  Pray for the social workers of EL SADIA. This trust works with young people who have been brought up in state orphanages.

«  Continue to pray for guidance for the trust AGAPE (also known as Romanian Orphan Ministries). Remember the social worker ANDREEA in your prayers.



Ø  Please continue to pray for us for WISDOM and guidance concerning the best way to get aid to Romania. We have some volunteer drivers who are keen to continue to drive for us, but at present we are unable to obtain insurance for them so this way now seems to be impossible. We really praise God that we have a good contact and the option of using a Romanian haulier, which has been successful in the past for us.

Ø  Continue to pray for specific guidance as to the way ahead regarding the need for a permanent building on the site where we have homed families in  container homes.

Ø  Continue to pray for healing for some of our local volunteers and supporters (past and present) especially Rachael, Bernie, Phil, Jenny, and others


St James tells us that the prayers of a righteous man (or woman) are very effective. So please keep praying.




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