§  As always we give thanks for the faithfulness of volunteers who pack, collect, sort, load, etc

§  MICHALA has decided to step down as trustee due to commitments with a new job:

v We give thanks for Michala’s good input into Mustard Seed and pray for God’s great blessing on her personally and her family.

v We pray for wisdom in appointing new trustee/s. Please pray that the person/s of God’s choosing will be available to serve in this way.

§  Please continue to pray the logistics work out regarding collecting, and  transporting some valuable medical to Romania. [At present we are unable to load anything onto our trailer until the door is repaired which has proved a bit tricky].




Alex Stroie of Mustard Seed Romania has just returned from visiting friends in Ukraine. He tells us that although the area (near the Romanian border) is not affected by the troubles in the east, there is great concern and anxiety. Please uphold UKRAINE in prayer that God’s plans will come to pass for that country.

Alex’s friend SORIN has in the past received aid from Mustard Seed as there is real poverty in the area. Please uphold SORIN and his family in prayer.



Mustard Seed Romania needs:

« Preparation for the visits / work parties of STEVE and TOM next month. (Both Steve and Tom are from USA and for over 10 years has regularly visited Romania to assist with building projects)

« Casa Mabel is now full and as a result extra staff are needed. A NEW MEMBER OF STAFF has been appointed – please pray she will be settle well and prove to be compassionate and efficient.

« Note from Rose: while standards at Casa Mabel are good, absolutely excellent compared to some in Romania, from going to residential care homes in Jersey, I know there would be potential improvements and better practice. Please pray someone with the appropriate knowledge, skills, experience will be available to visit Casa Mabel and give advice and some on the spot training



NADIA who was originally known to us from “Nicu’s Girls” project and more recently through Agape is in USA with Corey and Diana from Agape. She is now engaged to be married. Please remember Nadia in your prayers.


Please continue supporting and blessing us with your prayers, which we believe are key to our work being successful.




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