« ALEX of Mustard Seed Romania has asked for prayers for safety and success for the work parties led by Steve and Tom, working on various projects this month.

« As Casa Mabel is now full, pray there will be the needed support so that the administration and paperwork can be kept up to date.

« We give thanks that the porter-cabin has been installed and now houses the Benedek family. An unforeseen difficulty has come to light, as the authorities do not accept a porter-cabin as a suitable address to use for an ID card and as a consequence this has implications for employment, pensions, etc. Please pray for WISDOM for NELU & CRISTINA the social workers with Fundatia Increderea and us in Mustard Seed Jersey as we pray and work out the way ahead.

« Agape has asked that we pray for JENI who has just joined their live-in education and vocational training programme.

« NADIA & JOHN are to be married on March 14th. Nadia has been known to Mustard Seed Jersey for 12+ years, first though the Nicu’s Girls project and more recently through Agape. Nadia & John will live in USA. Please pray Nadia adapts to this big change in her life and that the Lord blesses their marriage.

« DENTAL CARE – many of the poorest in Romania are unable to receive any dental care. Pray God will open doors.



§  Please continue to pray for WISDOM in the appointment of a new trustee for Mustard Seed Jersey.

§  Pray for WISDOM as we seek to work out the best way to use resources wisely and make plans, thinking especially of how we have discovered those living in the porter-cabin cannot use it as an address to obtain an ID card.

§  Pray for healing and good health for our VOLUNTEERS who collect, pack, transport, load, fundraise .......

§  We give thanks for our collection place churches: All Saints, St Peter, St Mary and St Luke and ask God’s blessing on them.

§  We are scheduled to have an aid collection at Holme Grown Farm Shop at the end of the month and ask God’s blessing.


PRAYER CHANGES THINGS  ~  Please continue to pray for the work of Mustard Seed Jersey in Romania and in Jersey.



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