Pointers for Prayer for Mustard Seeds work in Romania:


We work with 7 different trusts in Romania. In each prayer update we will include a focus on the work of one or more of the trusts as well as other needs and answers to prayer. This time we are looking at our work among the elderly.

MUSTARD SEED ROMANIA is our daughter charity and headed up by ALEX and RODY. Alex runs our Adopt a Granny pensioner sponsorship programme in the Cefa area. As the temperatures drop (minus 9 at night at the moment I believe) it is increasingly challenging for the neediest and most vulnerable to stay alive. Rody runs Casa Mabel our residential home for needy female pensioners. Pray for Alex and Rody for WISDOM. With hind-sight they realise stairs are a major problem for many elderly, please pray for the needed funding for a lift or a stairlift that will be suitable for Casa Mabel.

FUNDATIA INCREDEREA (known as FI) also has an outreach to needy pensioners. FI is headed up by NELU & CRISTINA. Their outreach is in the city of Oradea and they truly do reach out to the poorest of the poor; some are assisted through our Adopt a Granny sponsorship programme or receive bread through our bread programme, many more are assisted through the distribution of clothing, footwear and bedding that FI offer each time they receive an aid consignment. Recently Nelu emailed me appealing for funds for firewood for families and pensioners who have no fuel in these cold temperatures pray for those without heating. Pray for Nelu and Cristina for WISDOM and STRENGTH.

FUNDATIA CRESTINA VINEYARD have an outreach to the elderly in areas on the outskirts of Oradea. They distribute many food parcels to those on their programme. They especially recognise the loneliness of many housebound elderly and have teams that go out to visit and offer to pray with those stuck at home. Pray for KEN and FLORENCE also VASILE and FLORINA as they head up this work.


Other prayer pointers from Romania:

  FLORI is in hospital at present, due to complications with her kidney dialysis.

  Give thanks that the old Mustard Seed TRAILER is now being used as a home able to sleep 4 people in 2 units.

  Pray for MARIA and ROVIN for wisdom and guidance as they make decisions about their future.

  In May & July 2013 I asked for prayer for GYONGHYI, and I am glad to say she is doing well.

  In July I asked for prayer for Victor, he is now studying full time and continues his work as a pastor.

  We have prayed for BENI a number of times, chemotherapy has shrunk his inoperable tumour, and the continued cost of medication is a huge struggle for the family, but he is trying to get on with life. Please give thanks and also uphold him in prayer.



  We give thanks for a safe trip in December and ask for Gods wisdom to know how to respond to some of the needs.

  We give thanks for the volunteers who help with loading our aid trailer. (Due to the position of the trailer it is impossible to reverse our lorry for local collections to the back of it, so all must be loaded by hand). We would estimate that we have now filled the first 25 feet of our 45 foot trailer.

  Please pray for the trustees BILL, HILARY and MICHALA and ROSE (me the founder and co-ordinator) for wisdom as we make decisions and pray for good health .

  We give thanks that we have drivers available for the spring aid trip and ask for prayer that drivers will be found for the remaining trips we plan 3 aid trips for this year.


Please continue to bless us with your prayer support ~ Rose


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