The last 6 weeks have been very difficult for us in Mustard Seed Jersey.                                 

On May 21st in the morning the Mustard Seed email account was hacked into, and all contact details and past emails were deleted – as a result this update is being sent out to far fewer people as we no longer have their contact details. [If you know of anyone who previously received a prayer update please follow it up for us and check whether they have received this one].                                                                                       

But worse was to come when that same afternoon we heard that our aid drivers have been involved in an accident. With hind-sight we thank God for His protection, and that the French authorities were quickly on the scene and got Ted the passenger driver to hospital where he stayed for 2 days. Mike the other driver was unhurt. No other vehicles were involved, but the loaned tractor unit was severely damaged and may be written off.  Our aid trailer was relatively undamaged.   

The aid consignment was taken on to Romania by a haulier and the donated goods have all been distributed.       

Amazingly the French garage who loaned us the tractor unit free of charge are willing to lend us another unit for our planned October trip.                                                                             

After making the necessary unplanned arrangements resulting from the accident, I (Rose) went over to Romania for a shorter time. 

Jennifer and Janet (who had been due to travel with me) decided against joining me in Romania.


Pointers for prayer:

GIVE THANKS for safety and that Ted’s injuries – though potentially life threatening – were treated efficiently by the French authorities. Pray that he continues to heal.

GIVE THANKS that the aid did arrive safely and has been distributed.

GIVE THANKS for Herve the generous garage proprietor who lends us his tractor unit.

In the last (May) prayer update we asked for prayer for

Ø  BENY in Romania. We have had the sad news that medically nothing can be done for him. Please uphold him and his family in prayer

Ø  TITEL (cancer) in Romania  - no news

Ø  GYONGHY or Doris now working in Italy – while in Romania I was able to speak to her on the phone and she seems to be doing well.

Ø  KATHY LANGSTON in Romania continues to recover from surgeries – thank God for the progress and pray for her strength and stamina to increase.

IN JERSEY (or France):

Ø MICHEL in France in now back at work, but having to take things easier.

Ø CAROL in Jersey – indications are that the chemotherapy is going well.

Ø VOLUNTEERS – continue please to pray we will have sufficient volunteers to undertake a big task of emptying out a very congested storage shed.


In Romania please pray for

SERGIO & VIOLETA  who have taken on the role of site supervisor and administrator at Casa Mabel.

Remember VICTOR in your prayers as he moves on to “pastures new” having served God and community at Casa Mabel for several years.


Please continue to bless us with your prayer support   ~   Rose          



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