Successful aid trip last month.

We give thanks to God that our aid consignment arrived safely in Romania and that the drivers returned home safely. We have had good reports on how much the aid was appreciated and valued, but for me the main concern was the drivers’ safety.


Next aid consignment

Since the accident involving our aid consignment in May 2013, there have been huge problems with insurance. Through a series of (I believe divinely arranged) co-incidences we have an alternative now, and expect that our autumn aid consignment will be taken by a Romanian haulier, instead of Jersey volunteers. Our aid will be off loaded in St Malo onto a Romanian trailer and then taken to Romania – amazingly the cost is similar to what we pay now for tolls and fuel for the two-way journey with volunteer drivers.

I personally believe this is God’s provision. Please hold this is your prayers.

We are already loading our next trailer and expect it will be full by September / October.


Next week

We will have volunteers from Romania with us in Jersey for a couple of days next week disassembling a lift we have managed to buy 2nd hand, which is much needed at Casa Mabel our residential home for the elderly. Please pray for ALEX and JOHN as they come over to disassemble the lift, pray all will go smoothly and safely. [It is a very tight time schedule and there will sadly be no opportunities for them to meet with any of the volunteers and supporters].

They will transport the disassembled lift to Romania in a van which has just been donated and is ideal for that purpose. Pray for their safety as they travel.

Give thanks that we are able to obtain a much needed lift for Casa Mabel at approx a quarter of the price it would cost to have one fitted. Give thanks for the skills and expertise of both men, especially of John and the kindness of Technicare in advising us.

Pray that it will be fitted well into Casa Mabel where it will very much change the lives of some of the residents who have become increasingly immobile in the last few months.


Last month we asked for your prayers for guidance regarding Mustard Seed Jersey’s possible involvement in setting up a farm  attached to Casa Mabel. We have decided we are more than fully extended with the cost of the lift and will not undertake any new fundraising projects at the moment.


Please pray for wisdom for Alex and Rody that they will make wise decisions as they seek to make Casa Mabel as self sufficient as possible. Pray especially that they will be able to develop the fish lake to its potential, as this would be a valuable source of income to subsidise the residents, none of whom have the resources to pay the true cost of living there.


While Hilary and I were in Romania we had a meeting with SIMONA the social worker working with repatriated victims of people trafficking. She gave us some good news that the education programme they run in the area is proving successful and the number of victims in the area has dropped. Please continue to pray for growing awareness of this terrible crime.


Please continue to bless us with your prayers, remembering the various works in Romania and the volunteers in Jersey.





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