As July and August are very much holiday months, please remember the SOCIAL WORKERS in Romania in your prayers that they will all have a good holiday break during these very hot months and be ready for the challenges of the colder weather. Many -if not all the- social workers known to us work out of genuine compassion, far far beyond the call of duty.


Several of the female social workers known to us have suffered miscarriages over the last few months. Please pray for them that God will give His healing and fulfil the desires of their hearts.


Pray for the FRAIL and VULNERABLE PENSIONERS as temperatures rise to the forties.


Pray for the CHILDREN and YOUNG PEOPLE on our education programmes – some may be involved in holiday camps, etc. Schools close from late June till mid September. Pray for all the TEACHERS, especially those who work as volunteers.



v  We give thanks for how well the removal of the LIFT was achieved, for the donation of van to transport it to Romania at just the right time, for the skills of Alex’s brother-in-law John .... Pray the lift will be successfully fitted in Casa Mabel and of great benefit to the residents.

v  MARIA DRAGU – we give thanks for the life of Maria (the first resident at Casa Mabel and very much the matriarch) – may she rest in peace and rise in glory.


KATHY LANGSTON told us of how she and her adopted daughters CODI and ANDREA have recently taken on a new family project: they have taken sister and brother FLORINA (7) and CRISTI (4) into their home as they were desperately unhappy at an 80 bed orphanage.

Please pray for Kathy and her newly extended family. Please offer a special prayer for Codi who has a maths exam when she goes back to school in September.



«  Please pray we will find the right LORRY for our local needs. No progress so far in spite of our making a number of enquiries and advertising. So please make this a matter of prayer.

«  Please pray also for preparation for the Christmas shoebox appeal.

«  Please pray people will offer to occasionally collect aid from the housebound in different areas of Jersey when the need arises.


Please continue to bless us with your prayers, remembering that PRAYER CHANGES THINGS


In His service




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