Lord guide the course of world events and give your church the joy and peace of serving you in freedom. We pray especially for the UKRAINE that the Lord will guide events there, and that the church and all people in that country will have peace and freedom.


Approximately 10 years ago, Mustard Seed Jersey was taking aid to UKRAINE. This included approx 10 visits and humanitarian aid consignments. We stopped because of developing problems with “red tape” and the fact that the recipient trust we were working with did not manage to keep up to date with  the necessary requirements to receive aid. We used to go to an area 1-2 hours drive from Kiev.

[Before that I was involved in aid to Bosnia & Croatia immediately after the war, also assisting refugees from the Kosovo crisis.The developments we witness in Ukraine on the news now disturb me deeply as I see the potential for similar to the violence and fighting in Bosnia and Croatia and Kosovo ~ Rose].


This is what was said by a Ukrainian pastor in a village  (several hours drive from Kiev):

·         Deep deep concern for lives lost and for the potential that many more will be lost.

·         Longing for an open country with freedom to travel and work, with freedom to study at European universities.

·         Please pray for the Christians in the country to respond wisely and engage in the situation.


A Ukrainian Christian in further education in Kiev made these points to help our prayers:

·         There was much aggressive confrontation in the last 3 months of 2013, which came to a head in February 2014.

·         Please pray for families who have lost loved ones or had loved ones injured, may God protect their hearts and minds from hatred and aggressive decisions.

·         There are great regional differences in pro-European and pro-Russian support. Please pray for the protection of Ukraine as a nation from division and war – for a better future free from corruption and dictatorship.

·         Pray for unity among the Christians in Ukraine to over-ride their political preferences.

·         Pray for unity in the country of Ukraine.


Mustard Seed Jersey’s work in Romania continues – I have received no specific prayer requests from there. Please continue to hold our work among the poorest of the poor in your prayers, praying for success in easing the suffering of those in need.

Also please continue to pray for our Jersey preparation work and organisation, for favour and protection.

But I feel very strongly that the situation in Ukraine is really very serious and for this reason I would ask you to make that country a focus for prayer.


In His service




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