Update January 2015


Update August 2015


A team from Mustard Seed Jersey is currently in Romania distributing Christmas shoeboxes and food parcels.

"On our first day of distribution we were challenged by the living conditions of a number of very poor families, some living without any light or heat. But we were most shocked by the plight of a family comprising a man, his wife and brother. Due to ill health they are unable to work so have no resources, they were living in a poor house which sufficed to offer shelter and a home. But a few weeks ago a vehicle collided with their house which is by the side of the road. The house collapsed - thankfully none of them were in it at the time or death seems a likely outcome.

Now they are living in appears to have been a wood shed - a tiny little shed that leaks, has no insulation and no heating or electricity or water. It stunned the team to see these horrendous freezing and wet conditions.

Short term we could with just 180 buy them a stove which might prevent them from freezing to death in the next few weeks, though whether the roof of the shed is strong enough to withstand a heavy fall of snow is dubious.

But the long term solution has to be different accommodation. Last year we placed 4 homeless people in what was our old aid trailer which has been altered to provide reasonable accommodation.

Nelu from the Romanian trust Fundatia Increderea has the site where a new container style housing unit can be placed. Suitable second hand units, ready insulated and fitted out would be available, delivered and installed for 3000. All that is missing is the funding.

So we are launching an urgent appeal for 3000. If we are to have any chance to get this unfortunate family into better accommodation by new year we need to have received the money by December 15th.

Donations can be sent by cheques made payable to


Mustard Seed Jersey Appeal, Cardiff House, St Peter, Jersey JE3 7EJ

Or direct to the Mustard Seed Jersey Appeal bank account - sort code 40-25-41 account number 71135333

Thank you for reading this" - Rose Helie December 4th 2014, Oradea, Romania




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