As I write this prayer update I say a big Thank You to our Lord for how it has all worked out so well regarding loading our spring aid consignment which is to be shipped this weekend.

The loaders commented on how amazingly well the trailer dimensions worked with the combination of a couple of hundred chairs and approx. 60 bicycles (not the easiest items to pack!) as well hundreds of packed boxes and bags …… We give thanks to our Heavenly Father who without doubt is the Master Packer and Loader – before we started we had prayed it would work out well and so it did.



Kathy Langston:

        KATHY has told us that she and her daughters CODI & ANDREEA will be leaving Romania at the end of July. The poorer health of Kathy’s parents in Canada has prompted the timing of this decision. Both girls are delighted to be moving to Canada where they have regularly visited.

        One area of concern is the orphan children Kathy and the girls take out each weekend. Kathy very much asks for prayer that others will be willing to take out the kids as these outings mean a huge amount to them.

        The work Kathy funds and oversees among special needs children and young people in residential homes in Oradea will be continued by the staff she has been employing for a number of years, please hold this in prayer.


Mustard Seed Romania:

        Pray for ALEX & SERGIO as they arrange the complicated paperwork requirements for receiving and passing on the relief aid. Please pray that the officials they deal with will all be people of integrity.


Corruption has been a huge problem in Romania – pray efforts to end the corruption will be successful.



PREMISES FOR CHRISTMAS SHOEBOXES: for the last 13+ we have been truly blessed with premises we were able to use for the shoebox appeal and also throughout the year. But this is coming to an end. Please pray we will find suitable premises for the shoebox appeal. (Our premises for general aid packing are unchanged; it is just the premises for the shoebox appeal that we need). Please join us in praying for God’s favour.

At the end of this year, we expect we will need 2 new TRUSTEES. Please hold this in your prayers.   


Nehemiah 2 v 8 talks of how following a time of concentrated prayer, Nehemiah’s requests were granted by the king “because the gracious hand of God was upon him”. Be encouraged to continue to support us & bless us with your prayers.


Yours in Christ

Rose Helie


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