Tuesday May 26th 2009

It is finally cooler – in fact it was actually quite cool outside this evening but it has been a very warm and sticky day. We have had a good day – we took Flori out (she has dialysis 3 times a week, is on medical pension so she cannot work and to be honest her life expectancy is short) and that was quite fun. We aimed to go to an apparently very beautiful lake near Baile Felix – Alex gave us directions but after driving through the village twice we could not find it so he directed us again and again by phone …. We ended up having lunch in a very nice hotel which had ornamental fish  in 3 tanks and we spent ages looking at the fish. In actual fact by the time we had had lunch we never found the lake!

On the way back we visited a friend of Flori’s who makes hand-made cards – I bought some from her with a view to seeing if we can sell them to raise funds – we will see how it goes. Then we went to visit Maria, Marinella and the others as it is Maria’s birthday and we had a card for her – that took a little while. The most important thing was that Flori enjoyed it and reckoned it has been a great day.

For me the hardest time was the 3 hours with Alex doing the reports on the sponsored pensioners and high school children – in those 3 hours we must have done close on 50 reports, by which time I was exhausted and so hot as the laptop was really hot on my lap. And while Alex and I were working away, Phil read his book and then slept. After that we went back to the pensioners home and had supper with the girls – it was a delicious eye soup and mixed vegetable salad – I must ask for the recipe for both of those.

These are proving to be precious times and I feel we are gradually earning the trust of the other girls. It is a privilege to be here.


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