Friday May 29th 2009


Did I tell you in the last diary that the much needed rain finally arrived yesterday? We had been praying it would come; Alex had told us how some of the Mustard Seed land has not been seeded this year because it was so very dry and there is no possibility of irrigation at the moment for those fields – last year the plants in those same fields died for lack of rain (we hope to obtain what is needed for irrigation in time for next year’s crops as water is available but we did not have the means to get it to the crops). Now the rain has come and still more is needed and it is much colder! The temperature has dropped from the early 30s to the teens I reckon. Of course with the official opening of the pensioners’ home tomorrow followed by a bazaar we do not want rain tomorrow.


We have had a very “unbusy” day today. We had a leisurely start and then went into town to meet Nicu for a working lunch and that was really good – both lunch, the company and the discussions. After that we came back towards Cefa and went to a road-side place advertising antiques – what attracted us was the cart wheels as we knew that one of the Christmas trip drivers wanted one for his garden. The price was 35 euros but we got it down to 30 so we were pleased with that. The fun came when we tried to re-arrange the car to fit it in! We are going to come back very full as we have a flat packed stair-case to pick up for my parents in St Malo just before we return to Jersey!


This evening was the pensioners’ meeting at the little Cefa church and social assistance centre. We went to that and both Phil and I were thoroughly kissed and blessed and thanked! At one stage Alex was laughing as I saying Yes in Romanian to whatever was being said to me (which I was guessing at but couldn’t understand!) and he wondered what I was unknowingly agreeing to, so in the talk he gave before the distribution he specifically mentioned that I do not understand Romanian, so nobody should go to him and say that I had agreed with them when they said they should be given x y or z!!


We gave out food parcels to all the pensioners on the Adopt a Granny Scheme. A number (about half I reckon) had a box packed for them by their sponsor so for the others Alex had packed a large bag of clothes so all had a bag of food and something else. They listened very intently when I had to explain through Alex that not all had a box but that it had nothing to do with disapproval of the people who did not receive a named box. But seeing the intensity with which they listened made me realise we must try to organise it differently next time and if I ask that all boxes packed by sponsors are given to us earlier then so long as we have the goods available we can pack boxes for all those whose sponsor has not packed a box and then none will have the obvious disappointment of not having a box with their own name on it. And when it comes to Christmas we must check each pensioner has a named box, it is so clearly important to them to have that personal touch of their name written on the box. That way another month all can have a bag of clothes as well as their food parcel.


Tomorrow is a big day with an early start so I reckon that bed calls! I can still hear Alex and Beni working away outside, they and the girls have all worked incredibly hard and the place looks wonderfully clean and tidy. I am so proud of what has been achieved and our part in it. May God bless  everyone involved in “Casa Mabel” the Mustard Seed pensioners home at Cefa.



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