Friday January 17th morning thought

There are many businesses and organizations that are generous towards Mustard Seed Jersey. Some do very obvious one off gestures while others continually help us in small or large ways either free of charge or charging a very reduced rate.

During the Christmas shoebox appeal, we had an unexpected need for more pallet boards for loading the aid on, I knew which business to go to as they were close to where we were packing the Christmas shoeboxes.

The manager kindly assured me that the business would donate the needed pallet boards. After discussing the logistics we continued to chat for a few minutes. It was really a very interesting discussion because years ago he had driven aid to Romania for Mustard Seed as a volunteer a number of times.

As we drank a cup of tea he said “Until I went to Romania I didn’t know what it meant to have nothing”. His comment really struck me “until I went to Romania I didn’t know what it meant to have nothing”.


Without doubt there are a number of people in Jersey in genuine need. But thank God here on this island we have organizations who assist with food banks and practical help and advice. That I believe is the major difference between being in need in Jersey and being in need in Romania. Here there is a safety net of groups who help but in Romania that safety net is much much smaller and in some cases nonexistent. Maybe an accurate description of true poverty is not just the lack of physical resources but the lack of opportunity.


I hope you will take a moment today to be thankful and to think about how perhaps you can do something that will help somebody in need either in this island or overseas.


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