1 Morning thought for Monday, October 4


Good morning as the evenings and the mornings draw in and it is cooler it probably is appropriate to start to think about Christmas and giving.

In fact in Mustard Seed Jersey we have been thinking about Christmas almost ever since Christmas last year. Countless volunteers have been working away knitting hats to go into Christmas shoeboxes. Also they have been making toiletry bags, marble bags and covering Shoeboxes with Christmas paper. Since the spring we have been squirrelling away items that we felt would be ideal for the Christmas shoeboxes so we do have a bit of a head-start.

In the Bible we read how Jesus encouraged people to be prepared and to do their tasks efficiently. Then a few years later St Paul writing to the early church encouraged people to get ready to give to those in need.

As our closing date for receiving Christmas Shoeboxes is in 23 days time I reckon if you are packing a Christmas shoebox for Mustard Seed this year it is time that you were getting ready.

Information is available at the Parish Hall’s and Les Quennevais  sports centre and also on our website www.mustard seed.org.je

I personally have always found Mother Teresa to be an inspiration. She is recorded as saying many things but one of my personal favourite quotes is of “doing small things with great love”.  Somehow that fits the Christmas shoeboxes. To give a packed shoebox to someone may seem to us to be a small thing. But if that shoebox is the only gift someone receives this Christmas then it is hugely significant and special.

So do consider packing or contributing towards a Christmas shoebox. As Mother Teresa said by that you will be doing a small thing with great love.



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