2 Tuesday October 5th

Morning Thought


Good morning

At this time of year several of us in Mustard Seed Jersey receive invitations to go different groups to receive knitted blankets and often knitted hats and other knitted goods. It is also the time that various individual faithful knitters appear with bags of knitted hats, scarves and blankets.

Now I am not a knitter so it really is a mystery to me how these blankets hats scarves get made so beautifully and in such quantity! Usually when I arrive to collect the blankets I find them spread out. It never ceases to move me when I the evidence of time skill and love.


The people who receive the blankets in Romania are truly among the poorest. And to them to receive a blanket is very important, after all when the temperatures drop maybe more than 10 degrees below freezing you need warm blankets!. At one distribution in Oradea sadly we ran out of blankets and the social worker had to intervene as 2 women were fighting over the last blanket. That was how important it was to them to get an extra blanket.


As well as blankets we receive thousands of hand knitted hats each year. At shoebox distributions we often see the recipient take the hat out of their shoebox and put it on their head immediately.


I do hope some of our generous knitters are listening to me this morning because I want to say a big thank you and God bless you for your contribution. Your knitted goods  really do make a difference.



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