3 Wednesday October 6


Good morning

Over the last 25 years when I have been going to Eastern Europe to distribute relief aid with Mustard Seed Jersey I have come across many unexpected needs.


One of the most rewarding aspects of these trips is being able to use donated money to make a real difference. At times it can be very hard not to give away more than we have because I feel overwhelmed by the needs I see. That is when I have found my prayer relationship with the Lord to be so helpful and as I reflect on how to respond to a need I find he will give me a sense of peace as to what is the right decision.


If you have picked up a copy of our Christmas Shoebox leaflet or seen it online, you will notice that there are a number of things you could donate money to if you so wish including the category of where most needed. Because we often met unexpected needs we started making available some compassion money (thatís what I called that fund at first) so we could use it to meet the unexpected needs while in the country.Sometimes that money may be used to buy food for a family or waterproof shoes other times it may be used to provide a much needed repair or to purchase a solar panel to provide lighting or some form of heating or to meet another urgent unexpected need.


I know that in doing morning thought in the past I have quoted the serenity prayer but it is just so true and profound and so applicable to our work. So I close with it again today.

Lord grant me the serenity to accept those things we cannot change; courage to change those things we can change and divine wisdom to know the difference. Amen.



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