3 Wed Jan 15

Good morning One of the memories that I brought back with me from my recent trip to Romania with Mustard Seed Jersey is of a visit to one familyís very poor home

This family have been on our sponsorship program for about a year. The family consists of a father a mother and an adult daughter. The mother and teenage daughter both have serious health problems so receive disability pensions and arenít able to work meaning the father is the only breadwinner. Although it was very hard they were managing quite well to pay their rent and purchase food and the utilities on what the father earned from his cleaning jobs. But then suddenly the rent increased dramatically and they could not pay so they were evicted and faced life on the street.

I guess you could say they were fortunate in that the father found a dark dingy basement where they were able to live.

When we visited it was evident that they had done their best to make it as pleasant as possible. But it was terrible and quite distressing for me to think that they had to live there and had been living there for the last three months.

We gave them a food parcel for which they were very grateful. When we asked how they were coping with living in the single room the response we got was amazing! They were full of thankfulness to God that they had found somewhere to live and they werenít on the streets. The father was especially thankfulthat he was able to continue with his cleaning jobs because he could still walk to where he worked and that meant he could continue to earn money to feed his precious family.


I could not help but ask myself if I was living in a dingy basement full of stale air, would I manage to have such a positive attitude and be grateful to God.



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