Mustard Seed Jersey Prayer Update 2nd December 2010

Dear Praying Friends

Please continue to bless us with your prayers.


To start with an answer to prayer: FLORI (a young Romanian woman well known to many of us, suffering with kidney failure and needing dialysis) was very very poorly a few weeks ago and was in hospital for 4 weeks; it seems her body was rejecting dialysis altogether and the social workers were told that she would probably only live a matter of days. Alex Stroie contacted us in Jersey, also supporters in United States as well as churches and friends in Romania and we all prayed. (I contacted everyone who I believed had actually met Flori when she visited us in Jersey) Amazingly her body began accepting dialysis again - someone called it "a miracle". So be encouraged prayer changes things.

Flori is still very sick and without a kidney transplant or further miracle she will not live much longer. Please pray for her - she is an inspiration to many who know her - pray she will not suffer but will complete and fulfil the plan God has for on earth.



BOB DE LA HAYE and NEIL FOWLER leave on Sunday night (Dec 5th) to start driving to Romania first thing on Monday. As the weather could be difficult please pray for them for SAFETY and a successful trip. They stay in Romania to distribute Christmas shoeboxes for a few days then plan to leave Romania on Monday 13th and back to Jersey on 16th

My husband PHIL PALLOT and I (ROSE HELIE)  leave for Romania tomorrow (Friday 3rd). Please pray for us also for safety and a successful trip. We are going down earlier in order to spend some time with Flori before beginning the shoebox and food parcel distribution. We are due back in Jersey on December 20th. 

CHRISTINE HAMMOND is due to join us flying out on December 8th for a week. Again the weather is a cause for concern regarding her flights, so please remember her in prayer.




In Romania - there are now a number of ladies at Casa Mabel - all elderly with various needs. PLease pray for them: Maria, Lina, Ana, Terez, Iuliana, Adriana, Sora, Ilisco, Cornelia and another Sora

Dana the carer is on maternity leave having had a beautiful daughter Cristiana. 

Nelu supervisor and cook at Casa Mabel recently had a health problem and is off work for a number of weeks - it sounds as though he had a minor stroke. Please pray for his healing and wisdom for Alex as to the way ahead.


In Jersey we are agreed that sadly our Cargo lorry used for local collections and loading is getting rusty etc and  past economic repair and must be replaced. Please pray God gives wisdom and helps us find the right vehicle and provides the funds needed.

Another vehicle  prayer request: our faithful tractor unit (known as Bertha) which has done countless aid trips since 1999 has also reached the end of useful life - to repair what has recently gone wrong would cost in the region of 2000+.  Since July we have been blessed by being invited to use the French unit from Sarl Godard free of charge (Please pray God's blessing on this generous business). As things are regarding our loading at present, for moving our trailer to and from the harbour for shipping we still need a tractor unit in Jersey. Please pray for wisdom and clear guidance for us on how to proceed.



Some of our volunteers need your prayers:

Pray for Gwen and family following a double bereavement

Pray for healing for Dave, David, Carol-Anne, Christine and others

Please be encouraged - after months and months of my husband Phil suffering from debilitating exhaustion about which we prayed and many of you have prayed, a further blood test has revealed the problem and since he began an ongoing course of injections he is worlds better. I am very thankful to the Lord as it means he is well enough to come with me to Romania now or else I would have been going without him. 


Please continue to bless us with your prayers

Rose Helie


PS While I am in Romania I plan to write a daily diary after December 6th while should be uploaded to the website at

PPS We plan a breakfast at the Pomme D'Or Hotel on Saturday 22nd January. We hope those involved in the aid trip will be there and will share about their time in Romania. Reservations to Norman Hudson on 861996.



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