Mustard Seed Jersey Prayer Update August 2010


Dear Praying friends

Even although I am very late sending out this prayer update, I hope you continue to hold Mustard Seed in your prayers.


Our July aid trip was successful - arrangements were very much made at the last moment but the trip was successful in that the aid was taken out and delivered. Several of the Romanian trusts were very disappointed that the drivers did not stay and visit their projects. 


It was an important trip for Mustard Seed Jersey as a French transport company Sarl Garage Godard offered to help us by providing a tractor unit free of charge to pull the 12 tonnes of aid to Romania. Please pray for the French company that God will bless them for their generosity..


July and August are very much the holiday period in Romania and so most of the social workers are taking a break. We have had some news from Romania and a few needs for prayer support:


Alex Stroie from Mustard Seed Romania tells us that he has a medical team from United states due to be with them within a few days for a fortnight - they will assist may of the poor who cannot otherwise afford medical care. 


FLORI's health is not good - according to Alex she has equal numbers of good and bad days. 


BENI - Alex's assistant (superviser of the Casa Mabel site) has a broken leg and his wife DANA (main carer at Casa Mabel) is due to have their first child in November. As well as remembering them in prayer, pray for wisdom for Alex and Rody as they appoint a replacement for Dana during maternity leave.


FARM EQUIPMENT - Alex has the offer of various items of farm machinery from USA which would incur heavy taxes to import into EU. Please pray for wisdom as to how to proceed on this. 


NELU RADU from FI continues to fight against hepatitis - pray for his healing and his work. He and Cristina are due in Jersey mainly on holiday in September and should be at the following venues:

Sunday Sept 5th St Lukes Church 10 am and 5.30 pm at Reg's Garden for Songs of Praise (meet them informally there earlier between 2.30 and 5 also)

Sunday Sept 12th St Lawrence Church 9.30 am and St Peters Church 6.00 pm


Ken and Florence from Crestina Vineyard told us there is a serious heatwave in Romania and that the country is on yellow alert. Please pray for the pensioners and vulnerable.


PENSIONERS in need of help as the government reduced their pensions by 15% on June 1st, so they must now manage on 85% of what they had previously received . This includes medical and old age pensioners. (Although we often grumble can I say that based on what I have seen in Romania we need to be thankful to God for what we have in this country).


Please continue to support us in prayer as we prepare for the Christmas shoebox appeal and try to raise more interest and support for the Adopt a Granny sponsorship scheme as pensioners in Romania are now in even greater need of help.


Give thanks for and pray for wisdom for the trustees Hilary, Mary and Bill as well as Phil and me as we plan and make decisions. Pray for our loaders George, Sam and Bill and our packers - pray for more to assist especially in packing but also in loading. Pray for wisdom with either repairing or replacing  the aid trailer.


God bless you as you support us in prayer


Rose Helie



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