Mustard Seed Jersey Prayer Update January 2013

GIVE THANKS that in spite of numerous difficulties the December aid consignment was finally delivered safely. This proved a huge challenge as we had a trailer breakdown in Germany on the way out, then because of adverse weather conditions the needed part took 3 days to arrive! By then the original drivers felt they could not complete the return trip so we had to fly out replacement drivers all in all an extremely expensive trip.


The BEAULIEU Convent School party were also delayed by a technical problem at Budapest airport and as a result missed almost a day of their programme. But none the less their days in Romania were very profitable, the students were challenged and moved by what they saw and they really encouraged the Trusts they visited.


ALEX & RODY STROIE come to Jersey between Jan 24th 31st - please pray this is a good time for them as well as for us in Jersey.

         Rodys main focus is to gain experience observing in a local residential care home, with the intention that this may help at Casa Mabel.

         Alexs main focus is to raise funds to build a community hall (for social assistance outreach) in a village called Pagaia where he is now the Baptist pastor.


Their programme includes:

v  Guest speaker at Charity breakfast at Pomme DOr Hotel Saturday 26th Jan 8.30 for 9.00 - more details and reservations to me (Rose tel 482637) by Jan 14th please

v  Sharing at St Pauls Church on Sunday 27th at 9.30 am and again at 11.15 am

v  Speaking at Baptist Church on Sun 27th at 6.30 pm



  As the weather gets very cold, remember the homeless and those who cannot afford fuel for heating. The charity FI know a number of families and pensioners in this situation. Pray Nelu and Cristina will wisely use their limited resources.

  While Alex and Rody are away please for smooth running of all Mustard Seed Romania projects.



  Mary Osmond (who has been a Mustard Seed Jersey trustee for a number of years) has just retired as trustee. Please pray Gods blessing on Mary and her husband Sam.

  Pray for the appointment of a new trustee, who will bring new strengths and opportunities.

  Pray that someone will come forward who will be willing to take responsibility for the trailer maintenance off me. We really give thanks for the absolutely wonderful support we get from Marcus Sutton at Sutton Transport, but it would be so much better if it was someone with more knowledge than I have who was the link person.


Please continue to bless us with your prayers PRAYER CHANGES THINGS



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