Mustard Seed Jersey Prayer Update July / August 2022

 Dear Praying Friends and Supporters

 Much has happened since the last prayer update. We have sent 2 consignments of humanitarian aid to Romania approximately one third was sent to Ukraine via Romania. In Jersey we have been amazed at the continued provision and generosity which has enabled us to assist the Ukrainians as much as we have.

In May trustee Helen Gunton and her daughter Bethany accompanied me to Romania which was challenging, encouraging, & informative. We were able to spend time with some of the Ukrainian refugees and were impressed by their resilience and gratitude.

In April we asked for your prayers for

SORIN a Ukrainian pastor and his colleagues in Ukraine, Sorin has sent us several video messages outlining his gratitude for our help. Based in Ukraine near the Romanian border, he says they often can have up to 100+ people needing food each day.

ALEX of Mustard Seed Romania & his involvement with the refugee families. We were impressed by how Alex is handling the logistics of caring for up to 70 refugees and sending some of the aid from Jersey on to Ukraine, as well as purchasing food for the Ukrainians.


         General Romania : With rising costs the poor and even those who are not very poor are struggling to cover utilities, taxes, food and when heating is needed it is even harder. Most of our beneficiaries are really struggling to survive now.

         Nelu from AVS asks for prayer for the following:

o   For Nelu himself wisdom and provision for him and his family as he seeks employment (due to rising costs the foundation he worked for is no longer able to pay his salary.).

o   For AVS Changed Lives Project - thanking God fir the greenhouses and provision of vegetables they have grown, praising God that as well as selling some of the produce they have been able to bless the poor. They would love an extra greenhouse to grow more crops as they have the space.

o   Prayer for wisdom and direction of their AVS ministry and the schools drugs and substance abuse programme Nelu and his wife have been running.

o   Prayer for the complicated health needs of 6 of the AVS sponsored pensioners - Adrieena, Contanta, Antel , Gasov, Katia, Ana

         Please continue to pray for peace between UKRAINE & RUSSIA.

         Pray for SORIN and his colleagues in Ukraine. Praise God for the provision they have received and pray God continues to supply needs as they continue their outreach. A priority need Sorin has highlighted is for food to feed hungry displaced people.

         Pray for ALEX as he continues his work with refugees living in Mustard Seed Romania premises and for his work channeling aid to Ukraine

         IN JERSEY we are now planning for our Christmas shoebox appeal. We hope to send some shoeboxes to Ukraine as well as to Romania. Pray for wisdom and favour. We plan a further 2 aid consignments this year - one in October sending warm clothes, blankets etc for both Ukraine and Romania. The final one in December including the Christmas shoeboxes.

         More prayer for WISDOM for us in Jersey: As our transport costs rise and rise we ask for prayer for wisdom to know whether it is still good use of funds to send the goods away to Romania and Ukraine.

 Please continue to bless Mustard Seed and those who we assist in both Romania and Ukraine with your prayers

In His service



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