Mustard Seed Jersey Prayer Update May 2014


Our aid trailer is due to leave St Malo en route to Romania on the evening of Sunday May 4th. Please pray a special blessing on the French drivers MICHEL and HERVE. [Ever since we started Michel in St Malo has assisted us in countless ways; for the last 4 years Herve has kindly loaned us a tractor unit for each aid trip free of charge]

Their expected arrival time in Romania will be Tuesday evening / Wednesday morning, returning to St Malo by the evening of Saturday 10th. Pray for safety and success.


HILARY LAMBERT & I (ROSE) fly to Romania on Monday May 5th till Wednesday May 14th, to help with distribution and to visit and monitor various projects. Please pray for us for safe travel and wisdom as some decisions will need to be taken.


Pointers for prayer for Mustard Seed’s work in ROMANIA, based especially around projects we plan to visit, especially where decisions need to be made:

« Casa Mabel – pray for wisdom for any future expansion.

« Casa Mabel – we have the possibility of purchasing a 2nd hand lift, pray for wisdom in this matter

« Mustard Seed Jersey has been asked to assist in the setting up of a farm – pray Hilary and I (and the Trustees in Jersey) will be blessed with real insight to know whether the reservations we presently feel are divine guidance.

« Pray for our friend Simona the social worker who is working with repatriated victims of people trafficking. Pray against this modern practice of slavery. Thank God for Simona’s compassion and remember her in prayer.     



Ř  Thinking ahead to our next aid trip:

o   Wisdom about the best way to load

o   Drivers for the autumn trip and the December trip

Ř  Continue to pray for the right vehicle for our local collections etc.


Please continue to pray for the UKRAINE that God’s will will be done in Ukraine and His kingdom come.

Do continue to bless Mustard Seed Jersey with your prayers.

In His service  ~    Rose



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