Mustard Seed Jersey Prayer Update October 2010


Thank you for your prayers. We believe prayer changes things and makes a real difference.


OCTOBER 22nd - 30th Aid trip to Romania

Please remember SEBASTIAN and REBECCA in your prayers as they take the aid consignment to Romania. 

Especially pray there will be no difficulties associated with the unrest and strikes in France.

Timing - The trailer went to St Malo on Saturday 16th ready for Sebastian and Rebecca to arrive in France around noon on Friday 22nd. Because of driving restrictions at the weekend they expect to arrive in Romania on the morning of Tuesday 26th, unload on Wednesday 27th and leave that afternoon to be back in Jersey on Saturday 30th or Sunday 31st. 

We give thanks to God for the generosity of the French company Sarl Godard who have again given us free use of a tractor unit to take this aid consignment to Romania.


Possible schools link - as Rebecca works in a school we have arranged for her to visit schools in Romania where she will see huge differences between here and there. We hope she may be able to identify some areas in the schools she visits where help from Jersey could be directed so pray for her for wisdom.



Background: Flori lives in the Mustard Seed house at Cefa in Romania. She has acute kidney failure and has needed dialysis for 5 or 6 years. Sadly a kidney transplant did not happen for her. Her body seems unable to handle the hemodialysis (direct into the blood stream) any longer, so to prolong her life she has very recently been changed to peritoneal dialysis which is a procedure which can be carried out at home once it is stabilised. 

BUT There have been complications with infection and a mal-function of the equipment which is permanently attached to her body. As a result she has been in hospital for a number of weeks. The situation was very grave and one doctor warned the social workers she could only live a matter of days unless the technical fault could be resolved. At this point we began praying and Flori is still with us. She sounded quite cheerful on the phone when I spoke to her this morning. 

She believes a procedure under local anesthetic yesterday meant she could dialyze successfully yesterday for a short time. But that is not confirmed by the social workers  and in the past Flori has not understood details about her medical condition accurately. But she is bright and cheerful and talking about Jesus and heaven, so it seems she has accepted she may soon be with Him. 

Please continue to pray for Flori - the situation is  confusing. Above all please pray for her for complete peace and that she will continue to be cheerful no matter what happens.

Please pray for ALEX and RODY the social workers who love her dearly and are struggling at the thought of losing her. They have been given differing reports about Flori from different doctors.

Pray also for her friends especially  ADELA her good friend and carer and the others who live at Casa Mabel and the young women's house Casa Aura.


Please pray for the residents of Casa Mabel. There are now 10 elderly ladies at Casa Mabel - once the young women were able to move to Casa Aura we were able to move in more needy female pensioners. 

DANA the chief carer is about to start maternity leave - pray for her replacement ANCA and for a safe delivery for Dana.


In Jersey a number of our supporters face uncertain times with illness; please pray for healing for Terry, Bob, Phil, and others and ask for strength and peace for their families. 


PENSIONERS and shoeboxes

Recently a number of sponsors have said they can no longer support a pensioner due to change in their own financial circumstances. Please pray God will provide the funding that is needed by the pensioners who are now no longer sponsored for the necessities of food, heating, rent and medication. Pray that God blesses all those who give and have given to Mustard Seed.

From my point of view it is heartbreaking knowing the depth of need there to realise we can no longer assist as many pensioners as previously.

As the Christmas shoeboxes come in pray for wisdom in distributing to those who really are in need.


VOLUNTEERS - please continue to pray more people come forward to help with packing and collecting, etc. Give thanks for the valiant work of some very faithful people and ask for more to come forward to share the burden.


Please continue to bless us with your prayer.


In His service

Rose Helie



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