Mustard Seed Prayer update May 31st 2008


Dear Praying Friends



Our next aid transport is scheduled for this coming week. [With the uncertainty about the possible blockade at the French ports I waited till I knew the freight boat had sailed this morning before sending this email].

GEORGE & SUE PERCHARD leave on Tuesday to pick up the lorry in St Malo, should arrive on Friday in Romania to unload on Saturday. After the weekend in Romania they will head for home on Monday morning. Please pray for them as they travel, for safety and that they will have a rewarding time.


BE ENCOURAGED!  I was speaking to Nelu in Romania this morning and really encouraged to hear that there have been answers to several of the prayer requests for which we prayed at our first Songs of Prayer on May 4th

  • Ana (who was mentioned in the last prayer update also) has made a good recovery from her cataract operation but is living in desperately overcrowded conditions with 8 people now her 5 grandchildren coming to her for shelter after their alcoholic father beat them. They have just found a larger and very suitable house in a nearby village and should be moving in June.
  •  We also prayed for Geta (not on the last prayer update but remembered in prayer at Songs of Praise) a homeless teenager aged 17 in vocational school – made homeless by her alcoholic parents who threw stones at her when she wanted to go to school and would not go out to beg. It has been decided there is no possibility of her going back to her family and social workers Nelu & Cristina have found temporary accommodation for her during the school  holidays in Oradea so she can continue her studies.

Other prayer requests mentioned in the last prayer update:

  • We asked for your prayers for successful fund-raising for the Pensioners’ home that we want to build in Cefa, Romania.  I cannot say anything definite at the moment but we have had some very promising conversations. Please continue to pray that all the money we need will be released not just for the building but also for the running costs for the first 12 months and then to set up a business that will fund the ongoing running expenses.
  • We also asked for your prayers for a safe and successful trip for Phil and me in the minibus and Bill and Katie in the donated car in April. We are delighted that the trip was a great success all round. (Bill and Katie will be sharing their experiences at the Songs of Praise on Sun June 1st at 8 pm at Reg’s Garden)


In Romania we have received requests for prayer for:

  • Flori – health – possible kidney transplant
  • Geta – that her difficult situation will be resolved and that God will heal the painful memories she has
  • Ana – the logistics of moving house – and that also the grandchildren and mother will settle well in their new home after the traumas of the abuse by the father.
  • Provision of a ground floor apartment for Sylaghi family (father is an amputee)
  • Nelu  (social worker who visited us a few weeks ago) – exams for his masters degree in June
  • Alex Stroie – wisdom, guidance, good health and provision of good helpers.
  • Nelu and Cristina want to take 30 needy young people on a camping holiday at the end of June and need the finance to do this – just under £2000.
  • Alex Stroie has asked for help with money for food for a summer camp for the children and young people on the Cefa educational programmes (the usual sponsor cannot help this year) – approx £400.


In Jersey we ask for your prayers for a number of helpers and volunteers and their family members mainly for healing: Barry, Kath, May, Lucille, Phil, Bernie and others.


We do believe that God answers prayer and that it makes a difference when we pray. So please be encouraged to pray for Mustard Seed.


God bless you,

Rose Helie



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