Mustard Seed Jersey Prayer Update November 30th 2009


Please continue to bless us with your prayers for Prayer Changes Things.


AID TRIP   Drivers Jonathan Michel and Richard Langford are due to leave on Sunday evening Dec 6th to begin driving the Mustard Seed Jersey aid lorry the 1500 miles to Romania. Please remember them in prayer for safety and success - the timetable is that they will arrive in Romania on Tuesday 8th in the afternoon or evening, ready for unloading on Wednesday 9th. After some distribution they will leave Romania on Thursday afternoon to be on a boat from St Malo either late on Saturday or on Sunday. 


Phil Pallot and I (Rose) leave Jersey on Saturday 5th by car. We would value your prayers for our safety and success and wisdom. We hope to arrive in Romania on Tuesday 8th and will stay there for over a week, due to return to Jersey on Monday 21st. On our way to Romania we hope to find a different route that may be possible for the truck to use in future. [You may recall that in the autumn for the first time for 10+ years we were charged on the French toll roads - this has added approaching 500 to our costs per trip].


Distribution of Christmas shoeboxes and food parcels.  Give thanks to God for the donated shoeboxes and food money. Pray the distributions go smoothly and that those in real need are helped. Pray for wisdom for the Romanian social workers as they make decisions about who is to benefit.


Nelu  - please remember Nelu in your prayers. Please pray for successful treatment. The treatment he is receiving is affecting him making him desperately tired so he is struggling to continue working, though has reduced his working hours now. We have heard that now the Romanian health authority will pay for his medical treatment from February.  Please remember Nelu and his wifeCristina in your prayers, pray they will have wisdom to know what Nelu's limitations are now and pray too for a final succesful outcome and fully restored health for Nelu. Both Nelu and Cristina very much appreciate the support from Jersey. Pray that God will enable them to continue to assist the people in need who they help. 


Flori - Flori's health continues to cause concern. She very much appreciates the fact that people in Jersey pray for her. She has been in hospital several times since we last saw her in Romania in June, for minor surgery and other related problems. There is still no word of when she will receive a kidney transplant, but the preliminary tests have taken place, so it is a case of waiting for a phone call to say a suitable organ is available. As well as praying for healing for Flori pray for peace for her, recently she has suffered several panic attacks. 


Simona - please remember Simona in your prayers. She is working as a social worker among victims of people trafficking. At times her work can be very emotionally draining. Please pray for her for wisdom.


We ask for your prayers for the social workers involved with the work at Cefa for Mustard Seed Romania: Alex, Rody, Mariana, Nelu, Beny, Dana, Adelina. Pray for them for wisdom and thank God for their faithfulness.


In Jersey several of the volunteers are having health problems either personally or within their families and so we ask you to remember them in your prayers - Margaret, Pauline, Martin, Barrie and others.


We have seen many answers to prayer in the last few months so please be encouraged to support us in prayer.


Yours in Christ

Rose Helie




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