Mustard Seed Jersey Prayer Update January 2010


Dear  Prayer Supporters

Thank you for blessing us with your prayers, please be encouraged to  continue, as we have seen prayers answered.


Our Christmas aid trip was successful, many encouragements but some challenges and real concerns. First and foremost we give thanks for safety for all involved.



It was a HUGE encouragement to us to stay at Casa Mabel the home built by Mustard Seed to house needy pensioners. 

I have to say that I believe the organisation of it is quite inspired  with the elderly pensioners on the ground floor and the young women who had been in the sheltered apartment living on the upper storey. It is amazing to see the younger women turn to the older women for advice  and guidance and to see the obvious pleasure the older ones felt relating to the younger ones. The younger ones were all in  the Mustard Seed apartments all come from state orphanages. One summed it well "I never had a grandmother but now I have 3 to love”.



Please pray for the Casa Mabel staff:

DANA (full time main carer and care manager);

ADELA (full time assistant carer); 

NELU (the cook and supervisor); 

ADELINA (part-time assistant carer - weekends / evenings)

ALEX & RODY (over all supervisor of all Mustard Seed Romania projects who will spend most weekends there to give the other staff time off)


Please pray for the elderly  residents

MARIA (no specific known needs);  

TEREZ (many medical problems, at times can be very distressed - pray for peace for her);

ANA (frequent visits to hospital due to problems with her legs);

IULIANA (soon after moving into Casa Mabel she was diagnosed as having TB and now is in isoltaion hospital for the next 3 months)

THANKFULLY nobody else at Casa Mabel has been infected - this was a real concern as several years earlier Maria one of the young women needed treatment. (TB is quite common in Romania).

There is space for another elderly lady downstairs - please pray for guidance for selecting another lady who will fit into the happy family atmosphere.


Upstairs the younger residents would value your prayers:

FLORI (many needs due to prolonged kidney dialysis - too unwell to work); ADELA; ADELINA, ESTERA, MARIA, and MARIANA. There is space for another 3 young women, please pray for guidance for selecting more to join the home.



Please pray for Alex and Rody as they work to raise funding in Romania to pay for the running costs of Casa Mabel.

Mustard Seed Jersey guaranteed the funding for the first year but after that the expectation was that Mustard Seed Romania must take on a good part of that.

However there appears there will be a serious shortfall in June 2010.

Please pray for wisdom for us in Mustard Seed Jersey and also for Alex and others in Mustard Seed Romania



NELU from FI (different from Nelu the cook) would very much value prayer as he continues his battle against hepatitis C. He is responding quite slowly to the treatment, we understand and it is likely that he will need to continue it for 18 months instead of 12 months. The good news is that the Romanian health authority have now said that it will be funded by them instead of by him (or us). Recently he has had difficulty obtaining the needed medication in Romania. The effects of the powerful treatment are clear and he lacks energy and strength and has experienced some hair loss. Pray for his wife CRISTINA. 

Pray for their work among a number of very poorest people living in the city of Oradea. Pray Nelu will have wisdom to know what he can do and what he cannot do as he has had to cut down his hours.


Among the people Nelu and Cristina assist are a group of people known as the FACTORY FAMILIES who are homeless and squat at a ghastly disused factory warehouse with no facilities. We were shocked to hear new families had moved in. Please pray for these families. Especially remember ETVES family who had been there at the factory  but then moved to a rented house as they obtained steady jobs at the local large supermarket, BUT they are out of work now as the supermarket has closed down after under 2 years. They are now collecting scrap metal to sell as their only means of income.

Please pray also for MONIQUE who is also collecting scrap metal as she can find no work.


ROMANIAN GOVERNMENT running out of money. We were horrified to learn that all state employees must have one enforced week's unpaid leave every month, almost certainly this will last throughout 2010. This is across the board, teachers, social workers, university lecturers, doctors, nurses, etc. This will obviously most affect the poorest of the poor, including the people we assist - please remember this situation in your prayers.


We in Mustard Seed Jersey are seriously concerned about what will happen to the poorest of the poor in Romania. Although there are signs of prosperity, better roads, etc. there is a sharp increase in prices and taxes but not a comparable increase in either pensions or the lowest wages.


In Jersey we plan to send 3 aid lorries this year - one in the spring, one late summer or early autumn and the December lorry. Please remember us in prayer as we plan ahead. 


In the immediate future we are snowed under with aid needing sorting and packing! Please pray urgently for some more volunteer packers or for some seriously elastic walls in our packing loft!


Please continue to bless us with your prayers.


Wishing you God's blessing throughout 2010.




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