Mustard Seed Jersey Prayer Update March 2010


First of all thank you for your prayers, be encouraged as we have seen answers to prayer; we do believe that Prayer Changes Things.



Please remember DAVID & ANGELA BENN in your prayers as they take relief aid to Romania. Dates of the trip: leave St Malo early Tuesday March 23rd to arrive in Romania God willing on Friday. Please pray for safety for them as they travel. They plan to spend the weekend in Romania before returning in time for Easter at home. 



I have had 2 specific requests for prayer from Romania:

The first is for NELU. [The background as you will probably know is that through poor hygiene practices during a medical procedure in Romania, Nelu contracted hepatitis. He contracted pneumonia in January and since then there is grave concern following blood tests about whether the treatment can cure him. His wife CRISTINA wrote:

Please pray for Nelu, we did analysis and number of WBC(leucocytes) are low 2140/ml of boold, normal number is between 5000-10000/ml of blood, and he is with a cough. If the WBC will be lower than now after next 2 weeks Nelu will stop the treatment. Please pray also  for transaminases to be low and at 1 May he will do the final viremy test. We are trusting in God with all our heart and we believe in his miracle.

Please remember both Nelu and Cristina in your prayers. I do not understand the significance of these various tests. I understand the problem of hepatitis is wide spread in Romania with many people affected. Treatment is very expensive and the Romanian medical authorities are slow to provide it.


The 2nd specific prayer request:

DORIS (most of us know her as Gyonghyi) has been unwell recently with a stomach problem and she is having tests, which indicate she may have an allergy to dairy products; pray this is clarified soon. She is no longer in the Mustard Seed Romania apartment but with the Romanian Orphan Ministries, which is a trust which is new to us. It was in December 2009 through Doris that we met Corey and Diana who run the trust. They have an outreach to orphans and have a small group of young women living with them, they focus on education hoping that as a result the young women can obtain better paid jobs. Corey (who is American) and his Romanian wife Diana would value prayer also as their first child is due to be born shortly.


The final prayer request I received is from KATHY LANGSTON - she has been unwell recently with a recurring  problem which it is believed was contracted through poor hygiene standards in a Romanian food shop. Pray also for her adopted daughters CODI and ANDREA for success and happiness in their education. As well as her main outreach to abandoned and needy children in the hospital for sick children, Kathy has a small outreach to the WOMEN IN A PRISON in the area. Pray her health will not prevent her from fulfilling the work she is doing.


Please continue to pray for ALEX STROIE as he heads up Mustard Seed Romania. From July it will be the Romanians themselves who need to fund the running costs of Casa Mabel the pensioners' home (Mustard Seed Jersey has funded the running costs for the first 12 months on the understanding Mustard Seed Romania would take on that from July 2010 and will continue to fund the medical costs and the sponsorship monies). In these times of recession pray Alex will be successful in raising the needed monies.  


Mustard Seed Jersey has launched a new initiative to assist victims of people trafficking in Romania, working through a long standing Romanian friend who is now working as a social worker employed by the Romanian government to assist the victims. It is impossible to give details or names for your prayers for reasons of security and confidentiality as victims are invariably involved in court cases when repatriated and sometimes are given new identities. But please uphold this work in your prayers.


Please continue to pray for Mustard Seed Jersey volunteers in Jersey. Please pray more volunteers come forward as at present we are struggling to keep up with packing the aid coming in week by week.

God bless you all

Yours in His service

Rose Helie



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