Mustard seed diary for Dec 7th and 8th 2007
The Mustard Seed lorry arrived in
Romania late in the morning of Friday 7th and all the recipients arrived at the unloading depot. The weather was cold but bright and sunny.  Drivers Bob and David commented that the load was very tightly packed so as not to waste any space - well done to the Phils, Denis and George!

The back of the trailer was full of shoeboxes which had been packed according to the requests received. Some boxes were very heavy needing 2 or even 3 men to lift them into the waiting lorries. Nearer the front was clothing, bedding, etc. Everyone seemed pleased with what they received . Kathy Langston was especially thrilled to receive a huge number of bags as she said she had been praying for some. She explained how she opens everything out in her apartment and sorts it, and then those in need with whom she is in touch come and select. It was incredible that what had taken many hours to load was unloaded in under 4 hours.

The unloading dominated the day.

Alex collected us (Rose, Bob and David) and we set off to Sacuieni where Mustard Seed has several projects.
Gizella the pensioner with Parkinsons disease died a fortnight ago. Mustard Seed had provided her with a wooden shed for the last few months of  her life, since Easter. Now she was dead the rest of the desperately poor community were fighting over her garden shed - in fact the neighbour contacted Alex asking him to remove it urgently before someone was killed in the fights! It is certainly far better than their terrible damp mud brick dwellings.
It would be a huge shame to have to dismantle the shed and move it - but it could not be got out of the site in one piece. We tried to see if there was any chance that Gizellas mother could live there but then nobody would protect her and there would be terrible fights about her having the shed and not someone else. It seemed inevitable it would have to be dismantled and moved.

We gave out Christmas shoeboxes - even in the dreadful conditions - barefoot in holey summer shoes the children smiled and beamed on receiving their gifts.

We told the community the shed would be moved and threatened them with the police if they dismantled it and sold it as they were threatening. Then one of the men asked if his mother might live in it - she is in a nearby village. We will investigate.

Then on to Viovezi where we have 3 houses owned by Mustard Seed Romania or
Jersey volunteers and used to relocate needy families. Here we were THRILLED by the progress of the first family. The second we think will now be all right as her abusive partner has left leaving a string of debts and her pregnant with her fifth child. Again much joy as we gave out shoeboxes to these children. The mother tries so hard to keep them clean - they were having a bath in the little plastic bath in the bedroom (the only room in the house that is heated) when we arrived. The final house has only just been purchased and has so much potential we could not decide on the best course of action.

All in all a very good and rewarding day.


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