In the morning Bob, David and I went with Geo to the Hungarian Roman Catholic cathedral - it is a beautiful church - architecturally superb and the choir and music just out of this world! But to me more important is the sense of the presence of God - awe-inspiring. Geo does not often go there but he too commented on the depth and the sense of prayer there,
After that we went to see Geo's new house which he is building. Such huge progress since we were here last time! Roof on, walls complete - did not much like the staircase of planks of wood!!
Then back to the orphanage for lunch.

The rest of the day was with Alex Stroie of Mustard Seed Romania. We began by packing food parcels for the sponsored pensioners and getting their shoeboxes ready - many packed by their sponsors. We aimed that I would take photos of each for the sponsors so it needed a bit of organising. Bob and David both commented on the weight of the parcels! Some pensioners could not carry them home unaided but there were folk around to help.

We did a quick visit to a sponsored family (Andrei) - but the mud defeated me and I stayed in the van and photographed from there! Also to the one legged pensioner - she was being cared for and helped by 3 children who are related in some way.

The day ended going to the girls apartment for a meal which Flori had cooked - it was excellent she did well cooking for 12. We had not yet found their shoeboxes but there were some boxes to open and they had great fun opening them. They are very very concerned about Phil not being here because of his accident and sent various little things back for him - thankfully all light and small as I am flying, all heavy bulky gift items have gone or will go in the lorry cab - the drivers Bob and David are due to leave tomorrow morning. We found the boat is
8 am on Thursday and not in the afternoon so they must leave early ,

We understand the weather in
Jersey is wild and windy. Here it is warmer and wet but very very pleasant. There was snow but none now and temperatures well above freezing.




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