Mustard Seed Jersey News Update May 2009

This is based on the news update, with specific pointers for prayer included and without pictures.



The Mustard Seed lorry has just returned from a successful delivery to Romania. Twelve tonnes of aid including clothing, bedding, furniture, wheelchairs, building materials, computers, etc. as well as over 40 boxes for pensioners packed by sponsors of the Adopt A Granny scheme. The driver commented that to witness the joy of the pensioners was moving, confirmed in a report by social worker Nelu.

The driver David (who has driven for Mustard Seed as a volunteer for over ten years) described the new pensioners’ home as “fantastic”. He spoke enthusiastically about the good standard of workmanship among the Romanian workers who have been finishing off the heating, plumbing, electrics, etc.

He highlighted some of the changes he has seen since his previous trip two years ago, but his overall view was that though there was clear evidence of more development and prosperity the poorest were even poorer. See his full report.

Give thanks to God for the changes for good that can be seen in the country but pray for organisations like Mustard Seed as they seek to reach out to those in desperate need, pray for wisdom and compassion.



The pensioners home is due to be officially on May 30th.  Rose and Phil plan to be there.

Give thanks to God for His faithfulness in supplying what was needed to build the pensioners’ home and ask God’s blessing on the home, on all who live there, and all who work there and all who visit there.

Pray for Rose and Phil as they travel – this is their plan: leave Jersey on May 20th , setting out for Romania on 21st to arrive on 23rd. Leave again on May 31st to be back in St Malo Jersey on June 2nd /3rd and return to Jersey on 4th.

Pray for wisdom as they are in Romania viewing projects – pray for guidance in any decisions that must be taken.


As living costs in the city have risen, the girls or young women have struggled financially to make ends meet, even with the help from Mustard Seed. To make things worse as the financial crisis has developed, the factories they work in have often cut their hours, resulting in even less take-home pay.

In the summer, three of the young women moved to Cefa and took over the boys hostel which is next door to the new pensioners’ home. You may recall that after a number of problems all the lads in the hostel left last summer. It was at this stage Alex and Rody Stroie of Mustard Seed Romania offered three of the girls the chance to move to Cefa. This has worked well – the house is spotless, the animals are well cared for and the girls are content and happy. They all found work at the nearby factory and the cost of living is much less than in the city.

The young women remaining in Oradea moved to a smaller cheaper apartment but still they struggled financially.

Following on from the success of the first three young women in Cefa, the remaining three have now moved there. They moved at the beginning of this month and all seems to be going well. They are living in part of the upper storey of the pensioners’ home and it is possible that one or two of them will be employed to assist with cleaning, cooking, etc in the pensioners’ home.

FLORI (who needs kidney dialysis 3 times a week) has now moved to Cefa. She will be transported to the city of Oradea for dialysis so this should not disrupt her treatment. At times when alone in the apartment in town while the others were at work she had felt low and unhappy, so we believe that to have people around her and plenty activity should help her. Sadly her health has deteriorated and she now needs additional medication and often feels quite unwell.


Pray for FLORI. Her health is poor and she has often become low and despondent. Pray for wisdom for the medical staff treating her. She has now got some deficiency that is causing concern and could possibly involve surgery. We are told that still the fact that she is a gypsy means she receives poorer treatment – the medical staff expect a bribe or financial incentive to give her good treatment. Pray she will feel far happier at Cefa with other people around her all the time.



Our fund-raising efforts to raise the £11,000 for urgently needed treatment for the Romanian social worker Nelu have continued well. We are now over half way to our target, having raised just over £6,000. But we have heard that recent tests on Nelu show there is further damage to his liver, so it is becoming increasingly urgent to raise the money. (Nelu contracted this disease through poor standards of hygiene when he had dental treatment several years ago) If anyone wants to help us with this fund-raising, please get in touch with Rose Helie.


Give thanks for the money raised so far. Pray for success in raising the remainder. Ask for God’s healing for Nelu and His blessing on him and Cristina and their families.


Email from Kathy Langston

“Thanks for the boxes, great stuff and the big shoes are terrific! I just got the boxes from Raul today, he kindly drove them to my place. So will start giving the stuff away. Gratitude is the key for me!

God bless and thanks for everything,

love Kathy”



·        May 20th – June 5th Rose and Phil to Romania timed specially to be there for the official opening of the pensioners’ home in Cefa.

·        Sunday June 14th 6 pm - Songs of Praise at Samares Manor – please come and join us – contact Rose on 482637 or via the website to request a favourite hymn or a prayer request.

·        July 7th – 13th Visit of Alex Stroie from Romania to Jersey – see full programme or listen to the media. Please contact Rose to ask for details of his programme if you are uncertain when you can meet him.

·        Sunday July 12th 4 pm – Songs of Praise at Reg’s Garden, Route des Genets – with guest speaker Alex Stroie.

·        Saturday July  25th  6 pm Fish and Chip supper and concert with Cornerstone at Reg’s Garden Tickets £10, child £5. Reservations by email before July 11th or telephone 482637.

·        Sunday September  13th time to be arranged – Songs of Praise at Reg’s Garden.

·        September / October aid trip to Romania.

·        Christmas shoebox appeal

·        Christmas aid trip – opportunity for supporters to join distribution team December 8th – 16th if this trip is of interest to you please contact Rose Helie on 482637 or by email.


Pray for God’s blessing on all our plans.

Pray also for the arrangements for Alex’s trip to Jersey that all will “slot into place” – at the moment attempts to arrange his programme are not working out as well as hoped.



Please continue to bless us with your prayers for we believe PRAYER CHANGES THINGS


How to contact Mustard Seed Jersey

By post:    Mustard Seed Jersey, Cardiff House, La Ruette du Coin Varin,

      St Peter, Jersey JE3 7EJ

By phone: 01534 482637  

By email

Mother Teresa said “In this life we cannot do great things.  

We can only do small things with great love”.

Pray we will have great love so that what we do will be pleasing to God.


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