Mustard Seed [Jersey]

Registered Charity in Jersey, Britain  ~  Humanitarian Aid to Eastern Europe

Cardiff House, La Ruette du Coin Varin, St Peter, Jersey  JE3 7EJ

Telephone: 01534 482637  [International +44 1534...] ~   ~ 

Coordinator: Rose Helie-Pallot


29th November  2014


Letters to the Editor

Jersey Evening Post


Dear Sir:


Just before I head off to Romania to distribute Mustard Seed Jersey Christmas shoeboxes, may I take this opportunity to thank the public of Jersey who have made this possible. As well as sending 3111 shoeboxes (that was the final number, including the very late ones!) we have been able to send blankets, warm clothing, waterproof footwear, etc.


Firstly we say “thank you” to all who packed a shoebox, to the media for publicising this appeal, to the Constables and Parish Hall staff, also Les Quennevais Sports Centre and the Entertainer for allowing us to use their premises as collection places and the volunteer collectors, checkers, loaders, drivers and other general helpers. Without you all, this appeal would not have happened.


Secondly we thank the knitters who have made so many wonderful blankets, hats, scarves, etc. often knitting for us throughout the year – in various day care centres, residential homes, other groups and many individuals. We thank you not just for your gift of wool, skill and the resulting warmth but for the love and care that has gone into them all.


We thank Marcus Sutton of Sutton Transport Services Ltd for his on-going help, and Tony of Channel Island Tyre Company as they both help keep our aid trailer in good running order. We thank Condorferries Freight for the generous discount on the sea crossing to St Malo for the aid trailer. We thank TTS for their help. We say “Merci beaucoup” to Sarl Garage Godard in Brittany for the free use of a tractor unit to pull our aid trailer and to volunteers in France for their help each time. We thank the German road tolls BAG for exempting us from paying HGV toll in Germany as we carry humanitarian aid.


Without the support of islanders this trip would not be possible, we thank those who support financially and those who support in prayer. Our continuing thanks to our collection places All Saints Church, St Peters Church, St Marys Church, St Lukes Church and to the volunteers who collect from there, also to Holme Grown Farm Shop for their help on our east of island collection days.  We thank our landlords for free use of premises, Vernon Helie and The Seymour Group of Hotels.


To each who has contributed in any way a very sincere THANK YOU and we trust that you have great joy and peace in your life this Christmas time.


Rose Helie-Pallot

Founder and coordinator 



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