Our autumn aid consignment is now on its way to Romania at time of writing it is in St Malo, waiting for the transfer of goods from our trailer to that of the Romanian haulier tomorrow morning (Monday Sept 7th). If you receive this in time to remember it in prayer, please do pray all goes smoothly, especially with the Customs paperwork. It seems that this will be the way we will send most future aid consignments, so to resolve potential problems with paperwork is very important.

We give thanks for the availability and willingness of volunteers Peter and Glen to assist with the aid transfer in St Malo. We give thanks for Calin who assisted us greatly in these arrangements and ask Gods blessing on him and his family. We expect the aid should arrive in Romania on Wednesday for unloading on Thursday.



People news and prayers:

  BABY LISA arrived safely in August to NELU & CRISTINA and is bringing them much joy.

  NELU is due to come to Jersey in October please pray for Gods blessing on him especially that his health will be good.

  The Agape social worker ANDREEA is on maternity leave and waiting for the birth of her first child.

  Pray for COSMINA who has taken on Andreeas role in the charity.

  Continue to pray for KEN & FLORENCE as they get ready to return to UK in October in readiness for Kens knee surgery. Pray for VASILE & FLORINA as they will take on extra responsibilities.

Project news and prayers:

We thank God for recent donations to our CHANGED LIVES project that mean we have been able to send the money needed for the permissions and foundations. We expect the foundations to have been dug and laid before the start of winter. The project will offer 2 or 3 units of accommodation to the homeless, an area for aid storage, as well as shared washing and showering facilities for all those living in porter-cabins or trailer on the site



        Pray for healing for Jenny, Rachael, Marta, Bernie and others.

        Pray for wisdom and inspiration as we seek to raise funds for the Changed Lives project (2-3 more homes for the homeless & shared shower facilities).

        Pray for arrangements to go well for our Christmas shoebox appeal that those boxes will all bring joy to the recipients.


Please do keep us in your prayers we believe that PRAYER CHANGES THINGS and at times we are thrilled to see the evidence.



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