Mustard Seed Jersey Prayer Update April 2011

I am in Romania at the time of writing this Prayer Update:

GIVE THANKS for the safe arrival of the aid trailer with father and son driving team Michel and Thomas earlier this month. Please remember Michel’s wife & Thomas’ mother ARMELLE in your prayers as she had an accident just before they left and is still recovering.

IN ROMANIA we have come across a number of needs:

CRISTIANA, baby daughter of BENI & DANA is seriously ill, needing a liver transplant. She is a beautiful little girl. Beni could donate a part of his liver to her but this cannot happen till the baby is a year old. Although the surgery and after-care would be free, they would need to raise living expenses for up to 6 months in Brussels. [Beni is the pastor of the little church at Berechiu and the site supervisor at Casa Mabel]. Pray not only for healing for Cristiana but for the financial provision needed if the transplant takes place.

FLORI continues to survive with dialysis and increasingly frequent times as an in-patient at the hospital in Oradea. Pray for her healing. Give thanks for her inspirational cheerfulness and the special relationship she has with God.

CASA MABEL – pray for a new lady to settle in well and also for the next new lady (due after Easter). These vacancies have happened because 2 have left recently. Pray for ALEX & RODY for wisdom as they head up this project, especially pray for their vision for expansion.

FLORICA one of the over-night carers is due to leave at the end of April, pray for wisdom for RODY in finding her replacement. [God has blessed Casa Mabel with some good caring staff – at present FLORICA & ANCA work 3 nights a week on duty at Casa Mabel from 4 pm till 8 am, when NELU (catering and over-sight) and ADELA (carer) take over. There is a separate rota to cover the weekends].

FARM on land adjoining Casa Mabel: Alex has had half the money promised to purchase much need machinery for use with the new tractor (funded by Steve from USA). Please pray God will provide the remainder that is needed (approx. 2300 euros).

NELU & CRISTINA of FI expect their first child in August. Pray all goes well for both mother and child.

BREAD FOR LIFE funds. Nelu has up to 50 families and individuals so much in need that they cannot even afford to purchase bread to eat. A donation from a Jersey church provided bread for a couple of months but that money runs out just before Easter. The need is greatest in the winter. PLEASE PRAY WE IN JERSEY WILL BE SUCCESSFUL IN RAISING MONEY FOR BREAD FOR NEXT WINTER FOR THESE FAMILIES AND PENSIONERS.

FLORENCE HOLMES is grateful for prayers and her health has improved tremendously. Please continue to pray for her and her husband Ken. Pray for blessing on their kindergarten programme and their pensioner programme.

The young women known to us as “NICU’S GIRLS” are struggling financially to survive (as are a number of others in Romania). Pray not just for them but for the wider picture of the many in need in the country, pray for wisdom and integrity for those making decisions.

IN JERSEY please pray for wisdom for those concerned in the decisions to purchase a new (second hand) trailer.

Please pray for SUE seriously ill. Pray for her husband GEORGE, also giving thanks for the great help he has given Mustard Seed over the years. 

Continue to give thanks for the wonderful favour shown to Mustard Seed by the French company Sarl Godard who provide a tractor unit for aid trips free of charge.

Give thanks for how God provides for Mustard Seed through various volunteers at different times. We give thanks for Heather’s life and pray God’s comfort for her family and friends. Please pray God blesses all our volunteers with health and that He meets their various needs. Please remember Phil (health), Dave (guidance), Katie (guidance), Lilian (health), Barrie (health), Norman (health), all those who packed with and knew Heather (comfort) and others whose needs are known to God.

Please continue to bless us with your prayers.



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